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Drive Ahead! is a gladiator car fight. Wreck your friends by knocking their helmets with a variety of cars from monster trucks to alien saucers! Hundreds of cars and levels bring endless hours of helmet-crashing action and freak accidents!

You can play Drive Ahead! in four game modes. Battle your friends in two-player matches in local multiplayer on the same device or over WiFi! Explore stadium missions featuring dinosaurs, aliens and robots! Reduce the unworthy to wrecks and reign supreme in King of the Hill! Share your best Superstar Stadium replays for a shot at featuring inside the game! Will you be the next Drive Ahead superstar?!

Customize your battles or go random for crazy matchups! Can you best a monster truck with a go-kart? Hiding won't help - sudden death brings sawblades, rain of fire and flash floods. The only defense is ruthless offense!

Collect virtual credits and use them in the Prize Machine to unlock tons of cars and loads of arenas as you play!

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AJ Nathaniel Biliran review AJ Nathaniel Biliran
Great Game
Its A Really Great Game Yet I Do Have One Issue Though I Didnt Unlock The Banana Car When I Finished The Banana Mania Mission And Also On The Achievements I Didn't Get The Winter And Halloween Achievements For Unlocking The Stadium Please Fix This And Please Reduce The Speed And Make The Monster Truck More Vulnerable And Make It So That The Motocross Bike Is Faster And Add A Bit More Balance So That I Can Actually Complete The David And Goliath Mission In The Hardcore Part
Christopher Benson review Christopher Benson
It is definitely better but needs a little work
After the newest version came out mostly everything is working again but their are still a few things that need a little work. One of the things (at least on my phone) is that if you watch to many videos, the came can crash not giving you coins. The final thing is that my replays have stopped working. I am not sure if other people a re having these problems but this game has become a lot better
Nishad Awasthy review Nishad Awasthy
Amazing but with a few ecseptions
Great game, really fun to play but some missions just feel impossible to complete an why do the controls invert when you are in mid air?!
Tim Maguire review Tim Maguire
Decent game, but midair controls are frustrating
The game is pretty fun, but tere needs to be an option to invert air controls. I can't count how many times I have died because I flip the wrong way. You shouldn't have to battle the controls.
Andrei Soriano review Andrei Soriano
That stage is so freaking hard. Im totally pissed off with that stage! How am i win that? and that horseman is so strong. Stronger than the huge truck i got. That stage was so hard as hell plus the darkness tho I dont even know where am i going. That is all i hated but not the other stages. Luv this game guys but that stage is so OP!! -need more english lesson for me sorry
Evan Nicholson review Evan Nicholson
There is no reason enemies should spawn on top of you and instantly kill you. It is all about luck whether it happens or not.
rosemary varkey rejo review rosemary varkey rejo
I hate the new latest update. I liked the old version much more.
Michael Kobayashi review Michael Kobayashi
Controls, AI, and choice of Map and Vehicles
This game would be much better if the two main control buttons didn't control tilting. Speaking of tilting, I don't know why the tilting back and forth mechanism would switch back and forth on the buttons. Also, the AI is too difficult to beat, especially in the maps and the vehicles that are supposedly randomly generated and the controls being absolutely rage-inducing. It seems as though every victory/defeat happens by chance, too.
Jake Shore review Jake Shore
I love the game! Its very addictive and it is really fun.
hjztvjhtjz vuizfhkvzt review hjztvjhtjz vuizfhkvzt
It was unistalled from my device and now I have to resart from the begining. If you could get me back to my previous state it would be much appreciated.
Stefan Minyayluk review Stefan Minyayluk
Great game, but on my note 8, some maps the top and bottom are cut out so much that you can't even see your cars. I've noticed this mostly on the maps that have moving parts. Other than that, everything else works fine
Toystory485 review Toystory485
Like the game, thing is...
I personally like this game, can bring out the joy and laugher but can also bring the hate or anger. But back to my problem, my problem is that I can't watch replays anymore and I could really use them again but every time I click replay after a epic moment happen or in general any victory or defeat, I can't watch them no matter how much I click it, and yes I have the watch replays switched on. Would appreciate the help and then I would give the five-star rating. Thanks.
It's gets old fast game play all ways fells the same and never changes
Sammridh singh review Sammridh singh
Tusy pls put the previous obsticals.without those ovsitcals the gAme is a lil bit booring pls put obstacles
Green Games review Green Games
It's pretty easy to control with one finger on each petal, one for forward and one for backward, making it a fun game to play with my sister. My sister and I love to do the two person one and destroy each other in the funniest ways possible. Haven't been able to get off the game! So fun!