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Driving Academy Reloaded
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Want to gauge your driving skills? Want to see if you can drive and park cars with perfection?

Then, buckle up, and check your mirrors, because this extreme challenge is coming your way!

Driving Academy Reloaded is an ultimate driving and parking simulation! In this reloaded version of our classic parking simulations, you have to drive your car whiling following all the traffic rules and regulations.
Wait for the green traffic signal, drive within the speed limit, and use appropriate indicators before turning! In case of any traffic rule violations, a traffic ticket will be issued. So, be careful while driving!
Other cars, pedestrians, and cyclists will be on the city roads, so make your way carefully and be a perfect driver. Avoid hitting other vehicles or barriers (brake when necessary), and follow the arrows to find your way to the objective. You will have different camera angles at your disposal to drive and park accurately.
Pick your best car, and then unlock new amazing models which will best it – all with astonishing texture and wheel designs.

Driving Academy Reloaded Features:
• Exciting & Addictive gameplay
• Awesome Cars to Drive
• Amazing City Environment
• Realistic Car Driving Physics
• Awesome Sounds & Visuals Effects
• Two touch steering options with the built-in accelerometer
• Different camera angles that give you more control
• Challenging and Incredible 3D outdoor environment with stunning graphics
• Responsive and Intuitive Car Driving Experience
• Engine, Brake and Boost Updates
• Guaranteed Fun Through Carefully Designed Levels

Buckle up for this fantastic Driving and Parking Adventure!

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Driving Academy Reloaded APK reviews

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Kyle Dolliver review Kyle Dolliver
Could be good.
I can not tell you how annoying it is that the speed limit in story mode is 30 km makes it no fun please bump it up to 50 km.
really love it
Benjamin Voyle review Benjamin Voyle
Amazing game
The game got indicators hazard lights and seatbelts the only game that I have with all them things but the speed limit signs should be bigger download it
Dinu Thodkar review Dinu Thodkar
Worst game in the University
We can change the gear and camera position I loved this game a lot this game is very addictive don't think like this because it is a very worst game I am worried and also felt sad by installing this pls don't install pls pls
bakul dalal review bakul dalal
So nice game
In these games so many features are there so we can on of also the car sports is also there if we do sports then car runs so fast in these game indian cars were also there Jazz and Mercedes benz
Junne Edge review Junne Edge
It is a good game because you don't have to pay for anything and you can just enjoy yourself without having to do you think it is a great game cuz it don't froze when my little girl pray plays it she's loved it because it doesn't froze on her and you don't have to pay for anything because mostly play the princess Bridges she have to pay for the British to get fixed because you're always broke
Tariq Robinson review Tariq Robinson
It so dumb
Best grafics alive sike they suck hard steering sensitivity sucks total balls
Amazing amazing amazing love
Wow this game is amazing so it's so cool that you guys make this stuff huh how do you guys make this I want to do on a girl because it seems so cool like the driving thing I like the driving thing is I like to drive when I grow up I'm driving
Jamel Rosser review Jamel Rosser
Fix the steering is so hard to steer In the game also give us more m
Places to drive
Dylan Gavin review Dylan Gavin
Driving academy reload
It is awesome and I will be able to get the best way to do the same as the other day that works best for me to do with your family is going on in your browser to view the awesome game thank you for your help and support and I will send you a few months ago
Devansh SARSWAT review Devansh SARSWAT
It also have Indian cars like jazz and audi
Vincent Jones review Vincent Jones
Wow! The photoshop of the people inside of the car are absolutely astounding! Bravo! And the unreliable steering, don't even get me started. I thoroughly enjoyed every one of the 7 frames that found my day, and completely destroyed it. The best 50mb I ever downloaded. Remind me never to acknowledge the existence of this developer's work.
jace hart review jace hart
The game overall the okay but in career mode when the speed limit says 50 or 80 and I go over 30 it keeps saying speed limit exceed. 2 when I turn it keeps saying illegal line cross and I did even go over or near the line. Y'all need a fix these problems.
A Google user review A Google user
It's a terrible game it has a glitch problem and the sound of the cars are annoying
Laura Fereday review Laura Fereday
The game does not run smoothly keeps glitching it's annoying