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If you are a DStv customer in a country within our DStv territories, the DStv Now app enables you to stream live TV, catch up on your favourite series, movies and sport highlights or download to watch later offline, all on the go.

The Live TV and Catch Up content in the DStv Now app will be as per your DStv subscription package and country where your subscription is held. Due to geo-blocking this content can only be played within the countries in the DStv territories.

As a DStv customer you can enjoy all of these features on the DStv Now app.
- Live stream selected TV channels via 3G/4G or WIFI
- Catch Up on a selection of the most popular shows, sport, and movies
- Download up to 25 videos on DStv Catch Up to enjoy offline later across 4 devices
- With DStv Kids use a safe and fun viewing environment with PIN controlled access to enjoy the coolest shows and movies
- Access the full 8-day TV Guide and set reminders to plan your viewing

For legal reasons, the DStv Now app is not available on uncertified Google devices. Please ensure that you are using a Google-certified device by going to Google Play Store Menu -> Settings -> Device Certification.

Contact details:
Email: [email protected]
Facebook: /DStv - https://www.facebook.com/DStvSouthAfrica
Twitter: @DStvCare - https://twitter.com/DStvCare

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Bob Patrick Oweka review Bob Patrick Oweka
5 ? when I can only watch a Chanel
I will give 5 ? when I can view one free Chanel while waiting for premium upgrade.. You know it's not that easy right... Just a Chanel... To keep me wanting for more..!!!
Ibukun D review Ibukun D
App worked for a while. Then suddenly, it stopped working. Telling me my device is not linked. tried to link it and it says device is already linked. I was really frustrated. There is no support the numbers on the help don't go through. Better never to has tried it.
Frimpong K Elijah review Frimpong K Elijah
Foolish app
Don't waste your credit and time to download this foolish thing….
Suvel Govender review Suvel Govender
Poor from Multichoice/DSTV
This app is awful, it's full of glitches. Hardly ever able to establish a connection, failure to load TV guide & unable to set remote recordings. Nine times out of ten this app doesn't work.
Nico Oosthuysen review Nico Oosthuysen
No easy way to preview a show. If you drill down into a show, and go back you are at the top of the list again and have to find your place. This morning the app is slow, and is constantly reloading taking me to the top of the catch up list again. Very frustrating.
Pierre Louw review Pierre Louw
Not working anymore samsung Pro 12.2
After working for years on my samsung pro 12.2 tablet it keeps on telling me setting up channels for the first time and it just retrying please fix
Nkateko Manganyi review Nkateko Manganyi
Thanks for a great App, may I ask that you fix the Multi Window resume feature, everytime I switch to multi window the show stops and when I try to resume, it either starts from the top or it plays the wrong episode. Having a phone that has multi window and being unable to multi-task because of fear of a reset or starting a new episode is not on.
Gary Green review Gary Green
Works perfectly now, since the update!! Nexus 7. Update......since the most recent update, can't watch bugger all!!!!!
anele mbethe review anele mbethe
Something is wrong with the catch up. My internet is fast enough to play live video without issue but on catchup it's constantly jumpy. And change this thing if it going back to the top automatically
Thaakirah Stemmet review Thaakirah Stemmet
The app is good, it could use some changes to make viewing better or the experience better. Try introducing a continue watching option and a watch next option for series. A fast forward or rewind tool can be added as well to make viewing easier with episodes. Generally the app is easy to navigate, but it still needs a few updates to compete with Netflix and Showmax.
Ryan Jackson review Ryan Jackson
App can't make connection to set anything up, won't even start. Tried on WiFi and LTE, nothing works. Stupid app that always has issues. My grandmother could write a better app.
Khalid Cajee review Khalid Cajee
With the new update theres no picture for catchup shows only sound. Uninstalled and reinstalled 3 times already. I'm getting very annoyed.
Alexander Kotze review Alexander Kotze
Great app for streaming live TV, I use it for the news or sport and it's pretty easy and simple to use. So goes really well with a service like Netflix or showmax (I prefer Netflix's content). Has Chromecast too but that's being a bit buggy at the moment. Room for improvement coukd be a more detailed UI for the live tv section, where you can easily see what's coming up next without needing to go into the actual channel.
Ntuthuko Ngwenya review Ntuthuko Ngwenya
I don't know if I downloaded an old version or something. It doesn't show the channels that I have on my package. Im on compact but there's only one sports channel that I don't know. I'm also unable to view my account information nor manage my account...... Can someone please assist or give clarity on how this App works.
Travis Buckle review Travis Buckle
The servers must be made of patatoe or something because it's always freezing up and often doesn't even start to stream. I use other streaming services . E.g. Sky Sports, Netflix Etc. And never have this problem.