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Dungeon Link is exciting adventure puzzle RPG created for mobile and tablet gaming! Test your wit and logic with challenging and addictive gameplay!

Help the charming warriors ambush monsters in diverting puzzle maps. Discover new characters and powerful heroes along the adventure.

Link your own path to victory in this highly addicting puzzle RPG!

Solve & Strategize with simple touch-and-drag controls
- Link tiles on the entire board to unleash maximum strength attacks
- Use your intellect to link tiles for explosive combos and fierce attacks!

Collect & Customize
- Level Up and Enhance more than 250 heroes
- Learn your hero's special attacks to gain the upper hand

Invite your friends to join the adventure!
- Make friends and combine forces to conquer the toughest dungeons
- Earn bigger rewards by working together with friends

Special Dungeons, PVP, and Boss Raids!
- Clear special dungeons to collect rare heroes
- Compete against other adventurers in PVP to prove your team's strength, power, and skill
- Engage in Boss Raids for awesome rewards

Navigate the world of Dungeon Link with Finn and Jake from Adventure Time!

*Access authorization notice for gameplay
STORAGE : Authorization is required to store game data. Personal files such as photos will not be accessed.
PHONE : Authorization is required to proceed with in-game events and rewards. Will not affect calls.
CONTACTS : Authorization is required to sync your friend list and Google Account.

** This game is available in English.
** There may be additional costs when trying to obtain certain items.

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Pedro Perez review Pedro Perez
This game needs 2 b fixed cuz everytime i try 2 enter da dungeon, it takes me out of da game.hope u guys can fix dis problem. Cuz im getting very irritated wit it. Thank you. Id really apreciate it. I gave it 2 stars cuz its messing up
Danna Morgan review Danna Morgan
Great way to pass time with chatacters from my favorite tv show!
Corey Carolus review Corey Carolus
Great game buttttttt
Iv completed every level except the last stage before I go face the demon king and iv wasted over 30 energy trying to complete it and it boots me to my home screen n I loose my energy n gain nothing I love this game would love to be able to finish the story line but it won't let my I'm using an LG tablet works great with my other games but just not this one
SS 502Evil review SS 502Evil
The Same players are always on top of the leader boards and have infinite amount of gems and swords, and its unfair to all the other players. In a matter of seconds of a new update I have seen the same player use over 30k swords, example will be Xilu.
CTR Tracker review CTR Tracker
Same but different
First of all i am enjoying the game, the chain linking and puzzling really helps it. The game has the same elements as all the other evolve/collect games. However the puzzle mechanic really makes the difference. The store is currently very overpriced in my opinion, i really would have to spend a weeks salary on most. I dont like the auto function as i believe that makes the players actually get bored and leave the game instead of afk playing. Other than that great game.
Jaquann Pinn review Jaquann Pinn
It`s good
If you`re a fan of Puzzles and Dragons this is for you but, to all those others who are unsure. . . Do you like RPGs with Puzzle elements? Do you like not there being no ads? Do you like playing a mobile game that isn't`t about building an empire/town/kingdom that will eventually get killed by XxSwagmaster420? (Screw you Swagmaster). This is the game for you,
Vicki E review Vicki E
Hello! I think so far this is one of the best games ive downloaded for puzzles. The only thing im having trouble with is i get so far in my game then it is stuck on my loading screen. I have lost 2 characters so far and the worst part of it is, my knight was evolved into a 3 star and my other characters i lost were all lvl 30s but not evolved. This will be my 3rd try to get past these issues but im so disappointed i lose a good character once again. Please help
I meeaaan...
I got this because I thought it was an adventure time game. And it kinda is, theres some characters from AT and you can play episodes related to AT, but the main game is so bizarrely unrelated and the character styles clash weirdly - AT style on one side and the weird chibis with boobs on the other. So weird, so unnecessary. If it were all in AT style Id have happily played it, as is I will pass.
Mont Downs review Mont Downs
Was a fun game, but...
They seem pretty money hungry. Why can't we combine runes to make stronger runes? Why do I have to spend vast amounts of gold to level them up, then spend more money to raise its level just to get a random rune I probably don't need? Why are heros so hard to get? Why are the summon and combine percentages so rigged. Plus PvP is very unfair and laughable. Why not make it fair for all and stop giving the defending team an unfair boost? And now it's pay to win. You can buy items to boost your characters stats.
Treva Green review Treva Green
Great Game
Huge Huge issues now due to the update, you guys seriously need to fix this people spend good money on this game, terrible customer support when you have this many complaints. Fix this PLZ
Vince Chew review Vince Chew
Gameplay was good
But get boring due to wonder lot of grinding, too money hungry as well. Summon is too expensive, only way is to level and combine free summon units to get a random units which might just be as crap
Espada Axel review Espada Axel
Well the game was good until it started crashes ever time I tried to open it..... Edit: reinstalled after a few years cause it appeared on my recommendation. I remembered how much fun playing this game was and wondered why I uninstalled it... then I saw this review. Gald to see that it's still crashing. Good job.
Ilva Linde review Ilva Linde
After the last update app just freezes and nothing happens (when entering dungeons, raids etc, sometimes even on loading screen). Re-installing doesn't work (HTC One e8). On my other phone (HTC One m8) I can't even install the app, as it's stuck on "downloading resources" (waited for an hour, nothing happens) but this issue was there even before update. There are more than enough space on both phones. I really love the game though and will change my review when the issues are fixed
chas conn review chas conn
Love the game. But with the latest update from 12/6/17, the game crashes every time I try to enter a Boss Raid, or enter a substory dungeon. Makes completing the daily quest impossible.
Andromeda's Second Eye review Andromeda's Second Eye
New update: after this previous update i haven't been able to play, the game freezes in the loading screen and it takes almost 12min to install server data... I don't not know whats wrong but before this i was able to play perfectly, pleas fix or i will have to quit the game. That would be a shame