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Charles Kahill review Charles Kahill
Easy to use. Not sure how long retention will be but I guess that's what practice is for
Ishaan Dutta review Ishaan Dutta
Duolingo is very good!
My brother told me about this app, and I thought that it would be extremely boring and what not. But after I started to learn French from this app, I realized how fun and surprisingly rewarding it was. In short, really good app, you should try it if you're keen in learning a certain language.??
Joe Shark review Joe Shark
Love the app; are you guys working on bringing Korean to the English lineup?
Tuan Hoang Anh review Tuan Hoang Anh
Good application for the beginners
Duolingo is one of the best apps for learning English I have used. I can learn in anywhere, anytime. The lessons are divided into small parts and it takes a short time to finish. I can learn and finish some lessons while breaking time, even in toilet...I invited many my co-workers to join and learn. Thanks
Elxiviel's Journey review Elxiviel's Journey
Limited languages, wasn't useful. I aimed to learn Japanese or Chinese. Update on that and that would be lovely. More languages, more business.
palak agrawal review palak agrawal
Perfect app
kattang Tang review kattang Tang
I had to uninstall this a lot of because when I try to start over it puts it into a language I don't understand and I can't reset it. it's really hard to reset it on your phone please make it easier to change languages on the phone.
Büşra Arslan review Büşra Arslan
Legendary, thanks a lot
Lyn Schoo review Lyn Schoo
Not very useful. Started with Germany, then switched to Spanish. App assumed I could start at Level 2, lesson 4- WTH?! Even w/going to beginning on Spanish this system doesn't give you any primmer's before it throws you in at the deep end. Duolingo is better for brushing up you skills on a language you already studied somewhere else.
Jack Pacheco review Jack Pacheco
Love this app, used it for a while, but I would definitely love it if you guys added Japanese courses!
A. Kazmer review A. Kazmer
Great app. You can practice/learn reading, writing, speaking, & listening to the voice with this app. I like the fact if your not able to speak or listen to the voice you can mute if for an hour. Only thing I would change is being able to connect with your friends and have either groups or games or something where you can challenge your best score with them. Or a forum of some sort where others can gather and practice or debate. Other than that... I recommend this to everyone wanting to learn a new language! The app will send reminders if you haven't been on in a while, its fun and just plain easy to use! Best of all... its FREE with NO ADS!!!!!!
Phsylee review Phsylee
App is good. Mind adding to learn how to speak Japanese?
Lempi Miller review Lempi Miller
I took 3 years of High School Spanish and learned practically nothing. 2 more semesters of community college-- but I never got anywhere until I tried Duolingo. I feel I understand the basics now and keep getting stronger. It's only a launch pad, but it's good. I wish you could tic off words you know and never see them again individually. The vocabulary aspect is too weak. Also, more pure translation from your native language into the target language would be good.
Pedro Chinchilla review Pedro Chinchilla
Love it!!! This app is just AWESOME!!
Stephen Syphard review Stephen Syphard
On day 3 and it's already great and addicting. The game-like incentives are there and make it feel like less of taking a class. Good accessibility and ease of use on both phone and computer. So far I like it and plan to keep using it everyday. One thing I would add to lessons would be similar to vocab quizzes that are optional as practice. That focuses on translating specific words such as a flashcard method.