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Dynamix is a mobile music game that integrates arcade gaming experience into mobile device. C4Cat brings you the fruit of creativity of worldwide composers within this pocket size mobile game.

With triple-dropping track design, you feel like playing different instruments while hitting different sides. Just click on the button and download Dynamix to enjoy the varied type of music!

Weekly new songs updated in Event system
5 level options that suit your level
Rank Up to unlock more tracks, more than 20 tracks is avaliable for free version
Collect characters to help pass the difficult levels
Over 100 tracks by composers all over the world, including Taiwan, Japan, South Korea and Hong Kong included in game
Wide range choice of music including J-Pop ,Trancecore, Chiptune, New Age and so on
Facebook and Twitter result sharing function

*free version limited to 30 rank , purchase premium to unlock further rank
Offical Website: http://dynamix.c4-cat.com
C4Cat Official Facebook Page: http://fb.me/c4cats
Dynamix Official Facebook Page: http://fb.me/c4cat.dynamix
Trailer: https://youtu.be/HV1ZP3jsdh0
Game Play Trail:
Causal, Normal & Hard: https://youtu.be/OddLD4cKYvE
Mega & Giga: https://youtu.be/Dph6gHJB7SI

Dynamix APK reviews

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Chris Angel review Chris Angel
The game suffers from heavy lag when I have "enable background effects" turned on.
Adrian J review Adrian J
Very enjoyable!
MedToad · review MedToad ·
Its a fun game but it gets boring 2 quick
Joseph Barlow review Joseph Barlow
A Google user review A Google user
its cool but the update umm...you know kinda buggy ???but its good overall
Tillmon Johnson review Tillmon Johnson
A Google user review A Google user
Its a very beautiful game! They pictures, the music, everything!
KBK review KBK
Better event loot please.
Michael Turnbull review Michael Turnbull
Still have no progress and premium
Its a great game, but since the 3.1 update, I have lost my progress and my premium that I bought for it. Feeling a bit annoyed, please try to fix the bug!
em97910 review em97910
Where is brain power ;-;
Fun when it works. After a video ad plays the sound stops until you force close the game and relaunch it. Also, the game removed my notification tray until I locked and then unlocked my phone. Edit: After updating to version 3.2.3 the ads do not break the music anymore and my notification tray has not broken as yet. I increased my rating to 4 stars. Well done to the developer for fixing the issue.
Emo Paper review Emo Paper
This game having sound quality problem. Please fix it. Loving this game <3
Jordan Wharepapa review Jordan Wharepapa
I love playing games like these. And I am really loving this game very much. But what bugs me is the HARD mode... it's just seems pretty much impossible to hit every single bar.. to the point where your finger smashing your screen... besides that it's a good game. Love the music and songs.
Ricsern Yuen review Ricsern Yuen
Some help here please
I love the game a lot but its just not sensitiv enough.sometimes when i was at around 100+combo i lost back to the beginning.doesnt respomse sometimes when i hit it and lost the game please help
UVGalaxy XD review UVGalaxy XD
Let me just get this out there. Mobile games are not my thing, but this game is hands down maybe one of the best rhythm games out there. Gameplay is amazing even though sometimes you might feel cheated. Note hit boxes are fair not being to difficult or too easy. The songs are all unique with their own style and background. By the way did I tell you how much premium is worth it? Because it is! You get so many more songs. DLC is also worth it too. As of right now I have premium and all the DLC. This game has hundreds of hours of gameplay in it. You will get so satisfied trying to omega that one song your stuck on. Even the less inspired songs will floor you. There is a song for everyone in this game, but seriously if you don't feel some emotion come across you while playing this game... pick your self up because you are dead.