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E6B Pathfinder Pro - Flight Computer

1.0.7-pro · Evans Mauta II

A simple, useful and easy to use flight computer for students and professions

E6B Pathfinder Pro - Flight Computer APK latest version info

Offers $3.99
Version 1.0.7-pro
Developer Evans Mauta II
Category Apps, Tools
ID com.vanyapps.e6bpathfinder.pro
Requirements 6.0 and up

E6B Pathfinder Pro - Flight Computer 1.0.7-pro APK description

E6B Pathfinder provides essential and useful flight computations and calculations for flight operations, planning and navigation. The functions combine those of a classical E6B/CX-2/CX-3 flight computer and more. The simple material design makes it easy to navigate through the application to find what you need.

The application has two sections.

E6B Pathfinder Pro - Flight Computer poster
E6B Pathfinder Pro - Flight Computer latest version

The main section functions include:

-Pressure Altitude
-Density Altitude
-True Altitude
-Jet Standard Atmosphere
- Cloud Base

-Plan TAS
-Actual TAS
-Required CAS
-Plan Mach#
-Actual Mach#

-Fuel Burn
-Fuel Rate
-Fuel Converter

- Heading & Ground Speed
-Heading & TAS
-Track & Ground Speed
-Compass Heading
-Leg Time

-Distance Flown
-Ground Speed
-Wind Speed & Direction
-Headwind & Crosswind Components
-Point of Equal Time
-Point of Equal Time (Expanded)
-Point of No Return
-Point of No Return (Expanded)
-Critical Point
-Critical Point (Expanded)

-Glide Distance
-Height Loss
-Glide Ratio
-Rate of Climb/Descent
-Rate of Climb/Descent (using Gradient)
-Climb Ratio
-Climb Ratio (using Gradient)
-Top of Climb
-Top of Descent

The Extras section functions include:
-Units Converter
-Stop Watch
-Countdown Timer

Other Features:
-Light & Dark Theme
-Ability to change units
-Ability to change calculation accuracy

For feedback, additions or error reports, feel free to send them over to the developer using the email given.
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Latest change log:

[FIXED] Not being able to input negative values when using numbered keyboard.
[UPDATE] Now supports only devices with Android 6.0 and above