Earn to Die Lite APK reviews

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Ryan Lemon review Ryan Lemon
Lite version is too short.
I wish the lite version was 2 levels long not 1. It's disappointing and I don't want to pay for it.
Adam Johson review Adam Johson
I really wanna get the full version again because my mum uninstalled it, but its so fun!
Johnray Montoya review Johnray Montoya
I love zombies
I really luv zombies ,i have a zombie movie collection , my dog names zombie ,so i want to install dis app pls.
Aros Irwin review Aros Irwin
It let's you play without demanding tribute!
A lot of games on mobile instantly show off where they intend to make you pay where as this one focuses on delivering a quality game experience and then asks you if you'd like second helpings. Good game, good business strategy.
Eric Thoennes review Eric Thoennes
Can you mack it sow I can play the full version of earn to die for free please ☺
ayush sharma review ayush sharma
Thodi kam mb ka ban a do
Net ki kami nahi h bas time ki kami h do stars kam hone k bad le Lena
Franz Yvrim Cuachin review Franz Yvrim Cuachin
Always incomplete version?
Whether on Android or Y8 this game seems to be a limited version. For me that's kind of a turn off. Otherwise this game is great. Genius!
Raymond Woodall review Raymond Woodall
Game is goid easy fun! No Astrospace Engineering degree required. Just run em, kill em fun.
Marc Herzog review Marc Herzog
Full version not available in my country?
I just completed earn to die 2, thought i'd give the first game a shot. Why would you make the game a lite version? Also, for full version, google play says it is not available in my country, wtf? Waste of a download...
Jude Eze review Jude Eze
Michael Gordon review Michael Gordon
Pretty fun
Friend turned me on to this at work, and now I have another piece of entertainment to distract me from work haha. However I don't understand how I got teased and then have to pay for the first one but the second one is free.
Jordan Rodriguez review Jordan Rodriguez
The game might take a while but it is worth it there are better cars then the 1st one.#zombies
Ajay Panigrahi review Ajay Panigrahi
Its a good game
But some parts are not open becouse we have to buy full version of real money
Omar Ziada review Omar Ziada
Very good game
Its really nice I played it on PC and it was awesome but the mobile version is more awesome I rate 5
Ellaynia Graham review Ellaynia Graham
This game is AWSOME!!!!!!!!
I downloded this game and tis like the first and second games cars are combined together and now that im out for summer brake im going to play it offen.