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Buy, sell and save with the eBay app! Shop deals - or list items you want to sell - in just a few seconds, straight from your phone. From home and garden to tech, fitness, and more, get the best deals every time with eBay.

Whether you’re setting up your home office or need equipment for those fitness workouts, we’ve got huge savings on millions of items. Download now to start exploring unmissable deals.

Come on in and take a look!

Buy and sell on the go - 5 reasons you’ll love the eBay app:
→ Save money with shopping deals at your fingertips
→ Clothes, sneakers, tech, and furniture: Do all your shopping online
→ Buy top brands in electronics, tech and phones
→ Sell items with ease: Simply scan the barcode & list
→ Used cars & parts: Buy and sell safely & securely

Buy and sell securely with your favourite shopping app. Browse millions of listings and find clothes, trading cards, certified refurbished tech, cars, watches, on-trend sneakers or stylish furniture for your home.

• Save money on garden furniture, home office setup and kitchen appliances
• Shop for DIY tools & supplies for your garden

• Browse fitness equipment & tools for your workouts
• Buy the latest shoes, running gear & more from leading sports brands

• Save money on top brands like Sony or Samsung
• Buy your next TV, laptop or mobile phone in just a few steps

• Clothes, sneakers, cars, watches, tech - you can sell almost anything with eBay
• Get your listing online in under a minute!

• Shop for the freshest trends in women’s, men’s and kid’s fashion
• Discover shopping savings on clothes, fitness wear, shoes, watches & accessories

• Sell your used car or auto parts in just a few steps
• Shop for vehicles, car parts, accessories & more

Take the eBay marketplace with you wherever you are. Discover shopping deals and savings, shop the best brands at amazing prices or bid on an auction on the go - just download to your phone or mobile device now!

Your feedback & suggestions are really important to us. Get in touch on Twitter @askebay or

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eBay: Online Shopping Deals - Buy, Sell, and Save APK reviews

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Karl Benoit review Karl Benoit
A lifesaver for anything that you're looking for
Thank you email if it hadn't been for you and PayPal of course I wouldn't be able to get things things I would probably pay an arm a leg and probably and I-4 eBay you are a lifesaver not completely but at times thank you
Respawn in 5' 4' 3' review Respawn in 5' 4' 3'
I bought my ps4 and ps3 through eBay both still work perfectly as expected. I buy clothes that fit and look as it does on the site. 95% of the time I find better prices hear than anywhere else. It's way too easy to use, so if you're an impulsive shopper beware lol. If you don't have the time or energy to walk around in the mall for hours, I highly recommend eBay; it's literally a pocket mall.
L TPZ review L TPZ
Good reliable app, which is good for quick (sometimes incomplete) on-the-go tasks. Like any app, it doesn't have all the needed functions: -Needs buyer option to request a combined invoice when purchasing multiple items from one seller. -Needs seller option allowing you to allow buyers to request combined invoice from you. Overall, I love it, but you'll need to backtrack and complete certain things using a full web browser.
Willem Mous review Willem Mous
Great except you cannot delete purchases after you give feedback, even Ebay can't fix it because they tried and failed and never heard from them again. They say wait for a fix in a update. Why can't you fix it now ? Showed an item that i bought and paid for and recieved in my watching items list with 9 hours to go. Something is wrong. This auction closed weeks ago and it still showed it open. Crazy. Also limited time remaining tag is useless and annoying.
The most irritating thing about this app is that when you think you're going to get tracking data when you click on the tracking number after clicking on the notification is that it only copies the text. What? Why not have it link to the tracking? Instead of following the trail hoping to see tracking data, which you do eventually several clicks later?
Paul Anderson review Paul Anderson
Better than ot was. Still cannot edit all filelds in mobile app, which is a problem. But eBay desperately needs a content mgt strategy. This is not the app, per se but ebay needs to make user created content consistently reusable across platforms. They need to build a robust metadata schema and taxonomy taking feedback from users. And employing pro taxonomists. And they need to support the small to midsized seller. Otherwise they will become irrelevant in the marketplace.
Richard Stewart review Richard Stewart
Overall a great app. Missing some features that I use regulary...mainly the pro settings, but that's understandable. Sometimes glitchy...like when you get a notification of a sold item or message, when you touch the notification it doesn't load the message or the sold item, it just opens the app to the last page you were on last time you used the app. It can be a little confusing sometimes and I have missed time sensitive messages a few times because I couldn't find what I was alerted about. It would be much easier if the app opened to the cause of the notification.
Sarah Marie review Sarah Marie
I orderdered a USB iflash on boxing day and it was supposed to be here January 24th. Well the tracking says its January 3 and just being handed over to hong Kong. And now today it's saying preparing for dispatch. What the hell. . they keep telling me to Wait and they will send me another one free if I don't get it by next week. WTF. I'm never buying another thing from here!!!!!
Bill Hood review Bill Hood
It still needs a check box under "condition" for "parts" so you can check it or not. I don't look for stuff that doesn't work. On the normal page it has this, but using the "app" it's missing, and isn't able to filter those items out of a search. Only items selectable are new or used, which also brings up anything for "parts" too.
Ákos Borsos review Ákos Borsos
This is an unsafe platform for buying stuff. I lost money as "ebay moneyback guarantee" is a lie: it is rather a promotion than a guarantee. As I experienced, they do not really help buyers.
Brian West review Brian West
Love the new look but where's the "Night theme?"
Philip Festa review Philip Festa
I can always find what I want. Rarely have had any problem with sellers but when I did have a problem I could not resolve I contacted EBAY and the seller quickly solved any problem
Jason Enders review Jason Enders
Where's this night theme that's mentioned??? It's not in the settings
Eddie Wall review Eddie Wall
Too much faff, really. I don't know why I updated it to be honest. I too lost money via the money back garuntee. Complete b o l l o x }:^[
Faizul Saifulamri review Faizul Saifulamri
Why i cannot update my phone number? Please fix it