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Rao Zahid review Rao Zahid
Good I love it
Holy Jonson review Holy Jonson
I did not love it because I can't use it.
Mekare Almeida review Mekare Almeida
I think it's terrible and I hate it
Fogtdt Aoraiat review Fogtdt Aoraiat
Its the bomb app👍☝👏 luv it
Myra Smith review Myra Smith
Unusual. I like it
roni luv review roni luv
Love it
Robert Nguyen review Robert Nguyen
It's awesome
Ranvijay Singh review Ranvijay Singh
Cool app.
Robert Hoffa review Robert Hoffa
Good app just needs some rough edges sanded down. Need a bit more control, and a lot less ads
actresstasha kalala review actresstasha kalala
I love you
Esther Talboom review Esther Talboom
It's a fine App.😍.am very happy with it....i will share with friends and family 😊😊
Ronda Watson review Ronda Watson
Too much junk and I have no controls to turn it off.
Johun review Johun
Superb! Look no further.. U found the best of its kind! Well done devs.
Tamika Bratton review Tamika Bratton
I like this app a lot it has everything i need