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Emoji Keyboard Cute Emoticons is the best emoji keyboard for Android with up-to-date emoji, GIFs, custom wallpaper, word prediction and swipe typing. Cute Emoji keyboard supports emoji & emoticons like throwing up, wizard, zombie, giraffe, and tons more Android 8 new emoji. Also you can send classic emoji like unicorn, Taco, Nerd Face in various emoji style with Cute Emoji Keyboard.???

The Best Emoji Keyboard for Android you've been praying for is here! Emoji Keyboard Cute Emoticons helps you send 3000+ funny GIF, emoji with different color, emoticons, emoji art in a flash. Easy to share fancy stickers and smiley faces anywhere via SMS, Email and any social apps like Facebook, WhatsApp. With 1000+ keyboard themes & keyboard customization, finally you can type the way you’ve always wanted to with Emoji Keyboard Cute Emoticons!

Cute Emoji Keyboard Features

Quickly Input 3000+ Emoji, Emoticons, Free GIF, Symbol, Sticker
- Text faces including ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°), (ʘ‿ʘ)
- Massive symbols and Android 8 emoji new faces, food, sports, and fantasy characters.
- Smart emoji prediction for typing
- Emoji art, Emoji icons, Emoji collection and Emoji dictionary
- Fast input new emoji from emoji keyboard in all social apps
- Send funny animated GIFs & stickers straight from GIF keyboard

Perfect Keyboard Customization
- Customizable key press sound in emoji keyboard
- Resize and split keyboard layout as you wish
- Customizable keyboard color, font and wallpaper
- Take photo as keyboard background or choose from gallery
- QWERTY, QWERTZ and AZERTY keyboards

Stunning Keyboard Themes
- Over 1000 colorful keyboard themes
- More coming soon

Fast Typing & Smart Input
- Fast input from Top row emoji & number in keyboard
- Type faster with smart Auto correction & Next Word Suggestion
- Swipe to type. Gesture Typing with dynamic floating effect
- Multilingual emoji keyboard with 65 languages

Other Advanced Features
- Keyboard Android 6.0 Material UI Style
- Always display capital letter when typing
- Copy, cut, paste direct from emoji keyboard
- Bottom row arrow key in emoji keyboard
- Clipboard for multiple fast copy and paste in keyboard

Supports 65 Languages

Keyboard Data Collection Warning
You may receive a warning when activating saying “This keyboard may collect your personal data.” We take your privacy seriously. Cute Emoji Keyboard does not collect your private data including password or credit card info. The warning message when you enable is a standard message in Android for ANY third-party keyboard.

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Emoji Keyboard Cute Emoticons - Theme, GIF, Emoji APK reviews

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April Venne review April Venne
Few minor annoyances but pretty good.
I agree the side scrolling can get annoying, but it also restarts alot got a report thst it was lagging my phone. Some times i have to turn on my data to send but im connected to wifi, emojis convert it to an mms but mosr times it will send on wifi - very random.
David Jervis review David Jervis
Need to be able to switch between languages or find a way to remove autocorrect. Cannot access the settings part
Secilee Skinner review Secilee Skinner
Please help
It won't work when I try to send emojis all it does is send question marks please help me how do I fix it?
Novalee Presbrey review Novalee Presbrey
Pretty cool
I much prefer this over the standard keyboard on my phone. Also I like looking at the butterflies on it
Sandy Hauser review Sandy Hauser
I love this APP
I never knew I could change the way my keyboard looked until my daughter-in-law showed me your APP. Now I can do all kinds of neat stuff with it. I love it so much that I'm going to download a whole bunch of different one's depending on what kind of mood I'm in. Once again I REALLY DO LOVE THIS APP!!!
Gigi Denton review Gigi Denton
Would give it 5 stars but don't like the fact you have access to my credit card info
Sirene Perez review Sirene Perez
Jatelia Reid review Jatelia Reid
No problems
So far I don't have any problems. We'll see how it goes.
Ellie Serna review Ellie Serna
Really Great App!!
I've had problems with so many different apps, but never once out of so long, have I ever had a problem, its never froze my phone its never given me some stupid update problem. Last but not least I get to send cute texts to my friends and family!
Nat Kelley review Nat Kelley
Natt k
This is the first emoji keyboard I have been able to download with no problem
Teeyannah Jean review Teeyannah Jean
Not bad at all.
I thought I was in for loading and downloading but surprisingly,everything was all good
Gabb'e Harrold review Gabb'e Harrold
Quiet a few pop ups, please fix!! Love the app just not the pop ups
CuteNinjaGamer 101 review CuteNinjaGamer 101
It won't work
It won't blimin' work for god sake it has the same flipping emojis
marita fox review marita fox
Emoji keyboard
Love it but frustrating to use when typing in Afrikaans which is almost all I do slow me down so not worth using
Joshua Johnson review Joshua Johnson
Back space button doesn't work
Every time I hit the back space I have no control of the text it just back everything up and I wrote a paragraph too so yeah tighten up