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Empire: Four Kingdoms | Medieval Strategy MMO screenshot 1Empire: Four Kingdoms | Medieval Strategy MMO screenshot 2Empire: Four Kingdoms | Medieval Strategy MMO screenshot 3Empire: Four Kingdoms | Medieval Strategy MMO screenshot 4Empire: Four Kingdoms | Medieval Strategy MMO screenshot 5Empire: Four Kingdoms | Medieval Strategy MMO screenshot 6Empire: Four Kingdoms | Medieval Strategy MMO screenshot 7Empire: Four Kingdoms | Medieval Strategy MMO screenshot 8Empire: Four Kingdoms | Medieval Strategy MMO screenshot 9Empire: Four Kingdoms | Medieval Strategy MMO screenshot 10Empire: Four Kingdoms | Medieval Strategy MMO screenshot 11Empire: Four Kingdoms | Medieval Strategy MMO screenshot 12Empire: Four Kingdoms | Medieval Strategy MMO screenshot 13Empire: Four Kingdoms | Medieval Strategy MMO screenshot 14Empire: Four Kingdoms | Medieval Strategy MMO screenshot 15Empire: Four Kingdoms | Medieval Strategy MMO screenshot 16Empire: Four Kingdoms | Medieval Strategy MMO screenshot 17Empire: Four Kingdoms | Medieval Strategy MMO screenshot 18
Empires in a medieval civilization will witness rise of four kingdoms with clans clashing in this MMORPG?. Empires are forged by allies & cunning kings in the stone age where kings build empires? & fortresses with townsmen. Empire Four Kingdoms is an MMO experiencing rise of four civilizations? & empires where castles are built & kings clash for victory , an experience in the ages of medieval empires. This empire game is a legend that will give glory & victory to the true war lord who will rule from the iron designed throne, the bling kingdom, with honor.

Build Empires & Strike Wars in Kingdoms - True War Game

?Build an Empire with strategic trading of stone age resources in the medieval era
?Team fortress & castles to defend your kingdom in wars from dragons? & ruling kings
✌Alliances with kings & other multiplayers to help you conquer rival clans & gain territory on an interactive world map
♞Train your knights for the reign of fire as the king of kings as a war of dragons is eminent
Strike kingdoms with archers & shoot arrows? to the mobile escaping lords
Enemies advancing towards your palace? Chat with friend or foe empire kingdoms or join the MMO community & active forum for advice to make your kingdom of empires the most powerful of all
?Build over 60 different constructions & trade resources to gain wealth in gold ?& silver? for swords, shields⛨, wood & fire?

Witness an Age of Rising Empires and Civilizations

United we stand, Divided we fall - Build alliances & conquer rival kings in MMO battle. Defend your castle from enemies & fight a medieval war with epic PvP strategy. Conquer kings & defend your kingdom in this epic PvP strategy game. Do you have what it takes to rule an empire, fight enemies, defend your castle & build a growing army to dominate the Four Kingdoms? With this epic MMO game, you can employ cunning strategy to defend your kingdom, wisely choose your alliances to fight with you in battle & create a resourceful army.

Forge Empires with Alliances

Join millions of players in this award-winning multiplayer strategy & medieval war game - Empire: Four Kingdoms. With powerful rulers, fierce battles & strategic masterminds, your best PvP battle skills will come to the fore.

Battle War Ground Strategy Game

With the imperialist rulers ruling the townsmen in despair & capable of striking a war of dragons, you must protect the earth empire from various clans of kingdoms in the medieval stone age. The throne is forged by deceiving warriors from massive royale clans. Are you ready to attack these empires and claim victory?

Empire Building Games with War Lords

Social empires are not won by just attacking. There is strategy & planning involved, resources are collected & empires are built in villages by constructing buildings, mining stone, smelting weapons, building town halls, training soldiers, knights & archers. The earth empire must be able to defend itself from the cunning war lords.

Rise of Castles in Kingdoms with Fortress

Fight clan wars & clan battles to achieve victory over forts & knights. Possessing state buildings of several empires to become the king of all kingdoms is the mission for this strategy war game.
* Grow from a novice to a knight with decorative war items
* Quests with objectives for different levels of experience, become a fierce warrior
* Different wars zones from multiple countries, go on national wars by making alliances
* Collect taxes from the villagers & enrich the royal wealth of the empire

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* This app is completely free to play, requires an internet connection and offers optional in-app purchases.

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Nihar Jain review Nihar Jain
Game Server Connection Error
This app does not get connected to the game server even after several tries. Also I did uninstall and reinstall the game, but all in vein found the same result. App admin needs to fix this issue for the game to be popular and be played by everybody.
Dapid Candra review Dapid Candra
Excellent strategy game. I think this will be excellent money maker also. It's addicted. I never register for google wallet, but I can not resist to do that just for this game. Been 2+ years playing this.
MR Smith patriot review MR Smith patriot
Remember me
I'm not paying a cent to this game. But yes it is one of the best games for iPhone. Must play .only attack when you can have more then thousand troops to take the big guys out .save your gems to upgrade your castle and military buildings .for more advice ask me . Don't go Rambo at the start. I learned the hard way. Trust only your self .oh I've played this game many times.make it fun .oh the troop movement is a little slow
Treyarder Gamers review Treyarder Gamers
A decent game
There needs to be a limit on how many rubbies you can buy a day as the economy is wrecked and the stratedy behind succeeding is to spend money, richest person in the world will be the best that's how it works
Natasha Grefer review Natasha Grefer
This new update is awful you messed with something that was working fine and replaced the daily tasks with worse prizes and took away the options of additonal tasks instead of just the 12 now listed.. you continue to destroy this game and make it not worth players time
David Cheyne review David Cheyne
Its ok
Meet some good people, real time play can be a bit of an inconvenience, but if you put in the time, can be good fun, PS bring your wallet! ,,
Gilly Arvern review Gilly Arvern
Not bad
Good at start but after a while game asking to much to buy for good upgrades. Food consumption is off balance for troops versus what farm produce: troops rewarded from event will starve overnight lol... Good points: lot of events daily, easy to remake and get new troops. Fun game but hard to balance :)
Jp Mcelroy review Jp Mcelroy
rip off
game is brilliant for demanding your money to compete fairly, support is absolutely USELESS, numerous bugs and developers are more interested in creating new ways to make you spend rather than fixing long existing problems. boring endless same cycle of events and lack of human element makes this game a waste of time and your money. ignore the "epic PvP" it doesnt exist.
Dave Fury review Dave Fury
Ive done the update yesterday and not been able to get back into the game now for over 12 hours. My alliance have said ive already been attacked
Scorpion King review Scorpion King
3 stars
One less because your game concept Is good but you don't have control on fake accounts which players left and others are handling them for extra benefits. This thing made this game bad. Control this stupid thing. And give option of relocation in all kingdoms not only green and one castle.
TheBadGamer and Batofwar review TheBadGamer and Batofwar
Battles are boring
I really want the battles to be like the ones in the pictures that would be more entertaining, please make the battles 3-d. And please I want it to not crash, like each 5min it crashes. And theirs got to be other easier ways to get Ruby's!
anthony leonardi review anthony leonardi
It did an update amd now cant log into the game any more .it wont connect to my account at all
Ash Music star review Ash Music star
Many Bugs and Server response to their players sucks
tapping help isn't easy because everytime i try to tap help from all slots it goes back to first slot ! selecting the quantity of tools or troops to recruit isnt easy now !! number always turn back to 5 !! Server response is like nill !! Try to fix these maybe i can vote 4 next time !
Ekta Srivastava review Ekta Srivastava
Nice game....Cool GGS
I have played this for 3 years . still it's attracting like magnet :) I think I will never leave ;) keep making updates nd new events/features. ... 100000 Stars from me I liked this more than COC
Shahid Essani review Shahid Essani
Great time killer. You become addictive of it as it is a drug