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Ryan Reed review Ryan Reed
It is so awesome
Ok I know some of you people out there have problems with the app but I don't I got it to work just fine.
Jordan Madden review Jordan Madden
I love this app.
This deserves sooooo much more fame than that stupid Pokémon Go does. What makes it so popular in the first place?
Zafu review Zafu
If it doesnt show your roms go to application setting and allow this app access to your storage.
Can't open rom
Why it can't access to SD?
Caitie Framness review Caitie Framness
Can someone tell me how to use this app. It just says scan SD card. I don't know what to do plz help
Aiken Craig review Aiken Craig
Great emulator
Easy to understand and really simple layout. I saw some people who said it was a ripoff because you couldn't download games. The problem for them is they don't know they need to get the ROMs themselves. I hope they see this and change their reviews to what's right.
belarmino rodriguez review belarmino rodriguez
Awesome app
Can you guys fix the link cable because it doesn't work do well for me
Bradley Frazee review Bradley Frazee
I love this app
Thanks for the new app version. I kinda love it. So just to remind you guys that they did delete the older version. I don't know why, but I hope you understand. Thanks. :)
Kerbe review Kerbe
I screamed inside when I found out the original got deleted, but I still had it. I installed this second one as a back up in case my version got deleted also. All my games on the originals data is still available on this one. Just please add a full screen option, it's annoying seeing 25% of the screen in pitch black. Then I'll rate 5 stars. If you had the original and it's still installed your in luck. Otherwise you must install a apk of the game and save it into a SD card in order to play.
Bobby Shawaluk review Bobby Shawaluk
Please help
When I open the app it says scan SD card so I press the it and nothing g happens and yes I do have a rom downloaded in my download folder please help!?!??!
taylor miller review taylor miller
I had this on my other phone. I freaking loved it. Got this phone found out it got deleted. Loomed back today found it. THE NOSTALGIA IS READY
Freddy Ulmer review Freddy Ulmer
Seriously the best.
I downloaded the first version of this app multiple times in the past year, only to uninstall it because I have "better things to do." Well the second version is just as great as the first. Easy saving/loading, a must have app.
Prince Craftz review Prince Craftz
Best GBA Emulator is back
Not gonna lie i deleted it after i got bored of all the games but a few weeks ago i wanted to redownload it and i found out it was deleted so glad it's back. Automatic 5/5
The Ozomender review The Ozomender
Just what you need
After using this emu for hours I feel like I should credit the producer so here I am. This app is definitely the emulator you're looking for!
Ben Allan review Ben Allan
The reset button does not work properly
All in all good app but will give better rating when they fix the reset button it just freezes the game.