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Emulator For GBA 2
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- Easy to use virtual key pads.
- Support load and save state.
- Support gameshark cheat code.
- Support cable link emulator for 2 devices via wifi.

Emulator For GBA 2 APK reviews

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Arnold Martin review Arnold Martin
All nice and good. There is only one thing i cannot accept...it wont load the last scene i stop. And no prompt option to save when you left the screen. I played for few minutes, and i already move on to a few maps. Then i accidentally left the screen, when i open the game again, it already reset to 0..the first screen when i open the game and i dont see any option to jump to the last scene i was. I played again, and it happen again. Aaah..i wasted my time to keep on starting from 0. Any help?
huntercatlover review huntercatlover
ITS GREAT :3 YOU SHOULD PLAY IT!! You have to ho in cromb and download a game. Then put the game in the game boy! It's great if you know how to play it.. blah X3
Jim Nash review Jim Nash
Of All Emulators this really is the worst. I've played countless emulators and this one is very poor. First it hooks you up with a crappy sample which just wastes storage, then the fact that you cant change the stupid layout of the controls. There's no settings. There's no pitch. About the only good thing is a link ability. Would highly recommend looking at another emu.
Sona Singh review Sona Singh
This app is very good and i loved it but some games like dbz legacy of goku dbz taiketsu i m unable play these games whenever i open these games there is written that this game will not support in this hardware please fix this problem in an update oterwise every thing is excellent
A Google user review A Google user
Save and load don't work at all....... I mean sorry to say.... But that part is useless.... I'm just saying quite frustrating...... Apart from that.... Totally awesome could you look into that..... Please.....
Presedent Papa Trumpu review Presedent Papa Trumpu
The cheats need a reset of the game you're playing to go into effect. Would be better if it didn't crash more often than not, but with a little patience eventuality it works
GamingDuo711 Wander N Javian review GamingDuo711 Wander N Javian
its great! only problem is some games wont even work,as in,yhe game loads up but then the controls are unresponsive.one of the games was the Legend of Zelda Links Awakening DX
Julian Izzy review Julian Izzy
Very laggy, i guess it is free and you get mad saves. Those are pros but i can't get into the lag
AA Villamer review AA Villamer
I like the old version. This app is also great. The only problem is everytime I click the slot to save the game there's so many ads showed up
Ashley Cook review Ashley Cook
Ok I love this app, got it before but... Everytime I try to reset a game so I can start from the save file on the game. It freezes. Please fix this please or I can not continue in the game I am playing.
A Google user review A Google user
The cable link process is extremely slow. It took like 5 minutes to do a trade. Big disappointment since I got this game in hopes of playing with friends & this app cashes in on that gba emulator with cable link SEO. Would take forever to do a 6 on 6 between 2 friends with well trained pokemon.
michael hammer review michael hammer
Make the ads less hardware intensive! They cause the game to slow to an unpleasant level when they start!
Ananthakrishnan benz cls OS review Ananthakrishnan benz cls OS
I have pokemon ruby gba iknew this is duplicate emulator still I like it .you if I download the other my boy free it has huge prob that when I put two line cheat its saying that you are allowed to use one line cheat so I cant use walkthrough wall cheat code . So pls do not!!!!!!! Download the my boy free (blue color) pls download emulator for GBA 2
Ryan Reed review Ryan Reed
It is so awesome
Ok I know some of you people out there have problems with the app but I don't I got it to work just fine.
Tai Lynn Salis review Tai Lynn Salis
The game had a weird red-pink come overlaying it so bad I couldn't really see my game. A game that had shown fine in several other emulators.