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The best English speaking course in India!

Are you looking for an English Speaking course that not only makes you a fluent English speaker but also enhances your personality and gives you confidence for English speaking? Yes, you are in the right place to learn English Speaking from the Octo English Speaking course.

Install the app now and get ready to learn English speaking at the comfort of your home on your mobile. Why wait? 🙆Start English learning from English Speaking Course, NOW

Who are we?🤔
Octo English Speaking Course is an AI-based English learning app that primarily aims at English learners’ needs to learn basic as well as advanced English learning. We are also aware that learning English speaking is not enough as users face hesitation and embarrassment problems for the same. The app English speaking course is designed in such a way that users do both English learning and English speaking practice.

Why use English learning app to learn English speaking? 🎀
English speaking course focuses on your spoken English needs i.e. interactive intelligent conversations in which you actually stuck and feel hesitation in English speaking. English speaking course will help you in overcoming this problem so that you can speak English with confidence. We will be helping you with English learning needs like Grammar, Vocabulary, Sentence Formation, Pronunciation, etc.

How to learn English quickly with English Speaking course? 📚💻
English learning requires two things:- learning English speaking and English speaking practice and so is the belief of our app English speaking course. The app has a live teacher class for live video English learning purposes. Practice class, and app class with AI tutor Anita for English speaking practice. English speaking practice with AI-tutor Anita gives learners confidence and the right accent/way to speak English so that they can also develop their personality.

Along with this, the Octo English learning app has way more interesting quizzes and puzzles that will make your English learning fun and easy to grasp. Start learning on this interactive English speaking app as if you are playing a game and learning English simultaneously.
English speaking course is the best English learning app you will ever find to learn English.

Let's check out what makes the Octo English speaking course better than other English learning apps.


🗣 A huge collection of relevant real-life scenarios to learn and improve your English conversation skills, and also practice improving your English Speaking from story method

🏅 Get scored on how you speak by our AI-based Speech Scoring Engine 📈 & improve English Speaking skills in a very short time⏳ on English learning app

🎤 Enhance your confidence by English Speaking with the AI-teacher Anita and practice your English speaking on Mic to learn the right pronunciation and accent required in English speaking.

🔠Improve your English Vocabulary by tapping words and see the meaning feature like in the English dictionary.

🖥️Interactive Live Video Mentor Classes, here you actually get to learn from teachers in live classes, do English learning, and solve your doubts on our English learning app.

💡Improve your Pronunciation & enhance your English Speaking skills with quizzes and puzzles.

🎊 Automatically learn grammar, as you imitate, converse, and practice on the English learning app.

🎯Daily Practice with Daily Live English Quiz, Words of the day, Find Mistakes & Learn, and Sentence Master🏆

तो क्या आप भी English बोलने में confident and fluent बनना चाहते हैं? तो फिर इंतजार कैसा? आज से ही start learning English Speaking, withOcto English Speaking Course. English बोलना सीखें with English Speaking Course - India's best English learning app

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