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Epic War 5
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The sequel to the highly acclaimed Epic War series has arrived! Epic War 5 features three heroes with unique stories, 30 units, 70 skills, and 30 accessories. Battle your way to the Hellsgate that\nwill end the world through 12 main stages, and 8 extra and 5 trial stages for additional challenges.

Epic War 5 APK reviews

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Robert Pugliese review Robert Pugliese
Better on PC
This app is in need of serious upgrades. For example, I should be able to view the wars on full screen and what is the purpose of the buttons if you can't even see them please fix this app immideately.
Scott Lewis review Scott Lewis
Can't play
I can't even get into the game it just freezes my phone when the app open please fix in full then peace ps. I loved this game on the pc
FlyingMaster review FlyingMaster
Loved it but glitches
I loved epic war series but now on android is spectacular but i can't even play the game because I can't equip units without full screen mode. I also see a colourful box mostly taking all the game screen room I love this game since still give five stars but please fix the glitches and bugs soon thank you.
JaJ P review JaJ P
Screen is so small
When I played I could barely even play because the screen was so small bit I realy like the game on pc
Lucescu Paul review Lucescu Paul
Make epic war 4 plss is more awesome
Wtf it won't play on full screen