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Everwing (ever wing)
Select your Guardian and Sidekicks and then head into battle! All Guardian and Sidekick possess unique powers which help them to fight back the endless horde of monsters!

Challenge powerful Bosses and Monsters to defend the realm of EverWing! Team up with your friends in Boss Raids to destroy the most powerful Bosses for even greater rewards!

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Juan Rivera review Juan Rivera
The fact that I Can't Even play the game first before It locks me out so I can "Rate It" is outrageous. How the he'll do you expect me to rate something I didn't even play yet? Get rid of that block so I can actually play the damned thing, then MAYBE, if the game is GOOD, THEN I'll change the rating
Kolbylmd review Kolbylmd
It's surprisingly good. And I hate phone games.
Cody Coconuts review Cody Coconuts
Sam P review Sam P
This game is fake. The real one is on Facebook messager.
Romalisha North review Romalisha North
I think I downloaded this game on play store and when I open the app as soon as it opens it forces you to rate the app before you ever get to play so you go to rate app and it says web page doesn't exist so I honestly am giving no stars and I'm deleting it I can just play it in messenger where it actually works I don't recommend anyone else waist their time downloading this app just play it in Facebook messenger shame on y'all!!!
Addicting and needs a few bugs fix when watching video clips it kicks me out and I don't get the reward points for watching it