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Evolution CP & IV Calculator
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Hello everyone, are you ready to catch and evolve ‘em all? Pokevolution app will be your ultimate calculator. It has everything you need in one toolbox.

We welcome Generation 2.

This version includes:

- CP Calculator
- IV Calculator
- Lucky Egg Calculator
- Level Rewards
- Hatch Egg
- Weaknesses

More features will be available soon.

Calculations are average estimates and based on user’s reports. We appreciate your feedback. Feel free to make any suggestion on features that should be added in the future as well as report any Caterpies, Pinsirs and other bugs you may encounter.

Thanks and enjoy.
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* This is an unofficial app to help, improve your adventure, by providing calculators for your Pokemon. It is available in English, French, German, Russian and Brazilian Portuguese. Translations by users are always welcome.

Evolution CP & IV Calculator APK reviews

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Ng Guo Jiun review Ng Guo Jiun
Question about the problem
Hey.. first I downloaded this apps and I open the apps and I choose the Pokemon that I wanna upgrade and type it's CP but nothing happened, But I saw the comment about great. Can I know the problem? Thank you!
terri ray review terri ray
Great and helpful
This is a truly good app. I was wondering if you could update eevee. Though. I put in 245 cp, for jolteon, and it came out with 495-515. Jolteon came out as 490. This was similar with flareon as well.
Master Fighter review Master Fighter
Very helpful for me its 80% accurate every single time I evolve a pokemon so helpful thank you
Justene Pelaez review Justene Pelaez
Essential app for poke go.
Suggestion: for eevee's evolution, I think it would be better to show all calculations for 3 evolutions instead of choosing each one of them. Thank you guys for making this app. Hoping for your positive response.
Sebastian Brandon review Sebastian Brandon
This app sucks ass
I was wondering if i should evolve my eevee to a jolteon or not it said that it was going to be 1013 and up its was only 956
Kyaw Gyi review Kyaw Gyi
It's perfect app.
Nothing to say.It's really useful.
Jesse Thomas review Jesse Thomas
Loved it
This calculator is legit and it shows eggs , iv and weaknesses. Its a must have for any pokémon go player
RORO2256 filin review RORO2256 filin
MLG dragonite 2389 cp
MclarenFan66 Gaming review MclarenFan66 Gaming
It actually works!
Im not sure why people say it's fake because I have used it many times and it has always been spot on.
Jaime Easley review Jaime Easley
It's not fake dummies
This app is spot on, I have used it several times, and it is always right on. People who say it's fake need to play candy crush and leave pokemon go alone.
Blind review Blind
It only asks for the CP of the pokemon and doesn't take into account anything else like your level, or any stats from the pokemon. It is always 100% wrong. It has never given an accurate evolution and if there is a way to change this they don't tell you or even have a place where the app is explained. Even clicking on the "i" is a bland uninformative blurb of non pertinent information. Uninstal immediatly.
Niel Koekemoer review Niel Koekemoer
Hate it
I don't know what to do.....please help
Kari Lewis review Kari Lewis
Get it!
This app is great, and is never wrong. I use it a lot! And not only does it tell you evolution cp, it gas an IV calculator, it tells you Pokemon weaknesses, it has a few things about battling, eggs, ECT. It gives you all of the info that you need.
Collin Inman review Collin Inman
This app does it's job alright, sometimes I've seen it wrong, but there's a chance either go isn't updated or the calc isn't. But for the most part it's good.
Stanley Boy review Stanley Boy
Good and bad
Good app but virus