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ExpPD-2.14.3 · TrashboxBobylev

Rogue-like RPG with focus on grinding and intuitive interface!

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Offers Free
Version ExpPD-2.14.3
Developer TrashboxBobylev
Category Games, Adventure
ID com.trashboxbobylev.experiencedpixeldungeon.redone
Requirements 4.0

Experienced PD ExpPD-2.14.3 APK description

**Experienced PD** is cross-platform roguelike game, where each run is different! Enter the dangerous dungeons as any of 5 playable characters, interact with their inhabitants, slay powerful creatures, earn lots of money and try to not die (the hardest task)!

Exclusive features:
- **No limits on EXP and item gathering!** Grind as much stuff and upgrades as you want and reach the state of full experience!
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Experienced PD latest version

- **Variety and replayability!** The levels are randomly generated with their content, so each game is different and difficult in their own. More, you can restart the run you are doing from scratch to meet harder challenges and stronger loot!
- **Perks and extra upgrades** as reward for gathering more and more EXP!
- **Two new locations**: arena with hardest enemies and final boss stage with source of all this wealth in the dungeon!
- **The new cryptic and interesting quest** to obtain ancient and overpowered magical Wand of Avalanche!
- **Many enemies and traps** to challenge you!

It is also open source, the files are located here: https://github.com/TrashboxBobylev/Experienced-Pixel-Dungeon-Redone. This page also serves as issue tracker, so if you got any problems, message on Issues page!

I also pay attention to my email ([email protected]) but I am only confident enough to reply in English and Russian.
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Download (12.33 MB)

Latest change log:

- First release in GP!
- Fixed badges for Wand of Avalanche quest.
- Fixed some rare crashes.
- Fixed Scrolls of Determination and Midas disappearing on reload.
- Added more actions into subclass action indicator recycling.
- Reworked Iron Will into Iron Reflection.
- Determination Shield buff no longer gets used when player's HP is at full.
- Scroll of Dread is back and has fixed icon.

Other version

Version Arch OS Updated
ExpPD-2.14.3 (5 variants) Bundles arm64_v8a_504304.apk Android 4.0+ 2023-04-09 (1 month ago)
ExpPD-2.14.2 (5 variants) Bundles arm64_v8a_504304.apk Android 4.0+ 2023-04-09 (1 month ago)