Ezan Vakti Pro - Azan, Prayer Times, & Quran APK

Ezan Vakti Pro - Azan, Prayer Times, & Quran
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***Another first new feature:
PRAYER ON TIME: Prayer constantly reminds. Until you say OK.

✔ Ramadan 2017 Special Module.
✔ Warning in Times Athan .
✔ Reminder before entering Times .
✔ Automatic mute Times .
✔ I'm Praying Mode. (Automatic call rejection. Sending SMS)
✔ Based on your location from GPS ( satellite ) time to calculate .
✔ Religious Objects Or Monthly downloads a month with their ability to work without internet .
✔ 2 cities to add.
✔ Wake Saher .
✔ Reminder fasting Monday to Thursday
✔ Friday Prayer Reminder ( Interchangeable with short sound sela )
✔ The Fellowship of Prayer .
✔ All the Qur'an. Voice.
✔ Hatim Online Sharing ( Verse , Time , Page, Juz Based) .
✔ Read verses autofocus to follow .
✔ Hijri Day and Month .
✔ tracking auto accident
✔ Qibla Compass .
✔ Qiblah Map.
✔ Find nearby mosque (Google Service )
✔ Alerts multiple audio options for options .
✔ separately for each prayer time and to select the sound .
✔ Feature Wake up to the morning prayer . ( High -volume sounds)
✔ Library .
✔ Sheriffs century .
✔ for Tesbihat . ( Related Objects automatically switched)
✔ Arabic amulet .
✔ The amulet of Turkish Meal and Transkiripsiyo .
✔ Prayer of Supplication And Time
✔ Hijri calendar converter.
✔ Weather
✔ Online tracking Kaaba .
✔ 5-Year Important Religious Day And Night.
✔ Amel Book App
✔ Religious available at the site of countries, cities and Counties .
✔ place closely for Non minutes plus or minus deviation from a selected location to set the minutes . (Plus or minus 2 minutes, 3 minutes , etc.) .
✔ 17 languages support.
✔ Automatic work in the background
✔ Downloadable content has been minimized with the program size.

MEMORY PROBLEMS DUE TO MARKET *** installation fails, you can find and install the classic version .

** Important Note: The application is moved to SD card widget NOT WORK **

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Ezan Vakti Pro - Azan, Prayer Times, & Quran APK reviews

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Amir Mirlatifi review Amir Mirlatifi
Excellent application
It used to work for a long time until recently which can not detect the city anymore and manual detection is no longer active.
sameer vohraa review sameer vohraa
Great work
I like it so much that I can't tell about this app its wonderful in play store keep it up bhaijan their is one problem that azan time there is no azan sound hear that I had kept please help me out
Raheem Azeez review Raheem Azeez
Very nice app
Ma sha Allah, very nice and useful application. I like the awesome features. Please, can more English language books be added in the Library section? May Allah reward the developers
MAKWAN Mustafa review MAKWAN Mustafa
Jazakuma Allah
I think this time I got my app. I would like to tell you about library of the app, I think it is better to add more Arabic books to read. Thanks at all.
Kamran Mahmood review Kamran Mahmood
Not easy to adjust prayer times. Settings are complicated and not easily understood. The descriptions of the functions doesn't provide clear exploitation as to what are they for. Otherwise, a good app with lots of details. Haven't checked the Qibla direction function, hopefully it works.
Iftekhar Ifti review Iftekhar Ifti
Everything is fine. But need the Adhan volume set by the App. Beacause sometime device media/ring volume always won't high. But Azan volume always need full volume. Thanks
Salah Boulfoul review Salah Boulfoul
Excellent but....
No azan while the phone is silent even it set to play sound when phone is silent, please fix, thank you.
Naeem Ahmed review Naeem Ahmed
Love this app
You can set theme,tones,and it tells you how much time is left. I would give this app 110 out of 100
A Google User review A Google User
Sallam brothers and sisters, this app is like no other, it is extremely immersive, and carries with it many many helpful additions aside from the prayer times. It is truly helping me stay on the path. Many thanks.
Hassan Trisl review Hassan Trisl
It has a good options but ?!
Cant stop Adhan while phone is locked Please fix it. I will give you 5*
Nour Zerari review Nour Zerari
Good program but only 1 problem fajer (sabah) athan its show correct time but alarm doesn't always work.. frequently make athan too late time (arround 11am)
Yahya Nana review Yahya Nana
I would have give 5 stars if only I could correct the Hijri date. I tried from settings - Hijri date correction but the app does not Chang the date. I did contact the developers by email but no response thus far. Please respond and correct the bug so that I may rate the app 6 stars
Habibe Keskin review Habibe Keskin
Great app
Gives me the reminder I need and to read as and when needed
Ozhan Tuncay review Ozhan Tuncay
Thank you
Absolutely amazing and so much information available.
Memet Asqan Qaracaqurt review Memet Asqan Qaracaqurt
best islamic app ever
You will find all the things you need as a muslim