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Mitchell S review Mitchell S
Good game
Good game great work but needs work as you hardly ever get the feature 70 bucks ibe spent on coins and yet to get a feature pretty shocking really
Sly Surfer review Sly Surfer
Great game, if you like the latest machine's. Bet small
Casino poker machine
Marlene Renick review Marlene Renick
Fa fa fa
I can't rate it I'm just downloading now let you know soon Thanks
Adeline Zamudio review Adeline Zamudio
Fafafa slots
Just opened app & just won 14,000 +. I'm having a blast,so much that i'm up at 4:00 in the morning. Love this app so please keep the coins coming.Thank you
Karen Maurangi review Karen Maurangi
So far so good. When i play a few more times and there are no problems will certainly rate higher.
Matthew Nicholson review Matthew Nicholson
Love it
My only criticism is that after 20 days the daily bonus goes back to zero,other than that,love it.
david mccaa review david mccaa
Fa fa fa
Good games but could have higher pay outs.
Teri Lynn Henneke review Teri Lynn Henneke
FA FA FA Slots
Moving from screen to screen is slow and jerky. I am going to play a while to see if game works out the bugs.
Julie Gater review Julie Gater
Better pays better rating.....
The games are good to play but the features and free games are very few and far between also your 4 hour bonus is very low....... IF you can get enough credits to play it takes 100's of 1000's. $'S to get a free spin. I had $20 million one night and lost it all in less than 2 hours, and playing low bets. NOT GOOD FA FA FA SLOTS. And then you are expected to use your OWN REAL MONEY to buy more credits..... NO THANKS!!! Reprogram you app to include more free spins and feature and you will get more stars in your rating.....
Jenny Cheong review Jenny Cheong
Nice App
Play like the real machine but still there can be improve as there are still feature can be add in.
Garuto Yusri review Garuto Yusri
Awesome game , just lile real casino, doubles free spin, with big poin
Margaret Gill review Margaret Gill
Won't open
Would love to play these slots as they seem like real casino slots but the app won't open.
jenny storey review jenny storey
Love it
Just started playing. Great games. Hourly bonus could be more so you could keep playing. Great colour and graphics. So five stars at the moment till I see how your app performs.
Elena Martin review Elena Martin
At one time it didn't give me a bonus round, but when i contacted the makers of the game now bonus is coming up, so yes I do like it has some of the best games on there
Stephen Ayer review Stephen Ayer
Could get more plays run out of coins quickly.