Fake Location (Mock GPS) APK

Fake Location (Mock GPS)
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Using false position App, you can disguise your location, tap around the world will be able to Fake Location.
1. Analog seating arrangement in any country Gps coordinates.
2. You have to find their own place in disguise, whether street, the city where they can perform the most accurate positioning false.
3. Transferring false position message to the community LINE, FB, Whatsapp, so you do not easily be tracked.
4. Can check the location GPS position coordinates.
5. Compass, direction accurately caught.
6. The simple user interface, the fastest.
7. My favorite feature, recording place, allowing you quick access.
8. Fake Location History. The footprint in the sand shows where you have been.

=== Matters need attention ===
1. If the system requires more precise positioning, press "Cancel" in order to avoid false positioning failure.
2. If using a false position, open systems have built-in GPS, after turning off the false position, "Restart GPS" to make the phone quickly detect the real location.
3. If you use in the game, it may be detected as game developers to use a false position, resulting in an analog position is blocked and failure, this part of our non-development issues, normal use can be successfully used.

If you have any questions you can send Mail to us!
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Fake Location (Mock GPS) APK reviews

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Mark Vasquez review Mark Vasquez
Awesome worked
Dusky Dolphox review Dusky Dolphox
c. connected review c. connected
Marcos Cappa review Marcos Cappa
Works but is not for game navigation. People stop complaining because it doesn't have a joystick, that's not the purpose of this app. The application works as is supposed to work.
parameswara reddy review parameswara reddy
It doesnot have joystick that is 1st major defect And it is staying 30 seconds which area we spoofed then after that it is coming back automatically
Robert Hillyer review Robert Hillyer
Drops out alot.
Great app but unfortunately it drop out every 45 sec and puts you back in your real location. If this was fixed it would be 5 stars for sure.
Ang Kenneth review Ang Kenneth
Able to mock locations despite having a 'time limit' of about 2mins max and having to restart phone if i want to return to actual current GPS position other than that works like a charm, neen using for a couple months now hasnt failed me yet:)
anthony senter review anthony senter
Very good
Matheus Elpidio review Matheus Elpidio
funciona mas o jogo reconhece depois de 30 segundos ai vc tem q fechar e abrir outra vez deveria atualizar para ficar em movimento no local desejado pelomenos em circulos
Esteban De Haro review Esteban De Haro
Drops A Lot And Have to Restart App, but other then that It works just fine. If Fix 5 Stars..
Doesent work like i thought retarded
yang yan zheng review yang yan zheng
Fake app. Doesn't work at all. Why does it need to access my photos?
Thomas Chen台风杠杆好不好 review Thomas Chen台风杠杆好不好
Doesn't work properly on HTC M8
Ebrahim Alnajjar review Ebrahim Alnajjar
why you need media & contacts access!?
abhishek singh review abhishek singh