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Build, collect and quest with your favorite Family Guy heroes and villains in a freakin’ hilarious new sandbox game!

After another epic battle with the giant chicken, Peter Griffin has accidentally destroyed Quahog! Play for FREE and rally your favorite FG characters (even Meg) to save the city in a hilarious new adventure from the writers of Family Guy. Or don’t, and regret it forever! 

Quest for Stuff Features: 

• It’s Free! Freakin’ free? Freakin’ sweet! 
• Build a living Quahog that fits enjoyably in your pants 
• Collect hilarious outfits for your characters like Mermaid Peter, Bikini-Clad Quagmire, and Rambo Lois 
• Quest with FG characters and win ridiculous prizes
• Defend Quahog from pirates, evil chickens, and other invasions 
• Peterfy your town with decorations such as The Petercopter, The Peterdactyl, and The Hindenpeter 
• Collect hundreds of brand new and classic animations 

Build a city with Peter Griffin and all of your favorite Family Guy characters! What could possibly go wrong?

PPS: Don’t forget to watch new episodes of Family Guy on Sundays - only on FOX! 

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Family Guy The Quest for Stuff APK reviews

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Claudia Bravo review Claudia Bravo
The only reason I gave 1 star because I'm not sure if anyone had this problem but I had installed this game and 1. Took forever to load i have plenty of room in my phone. 2. When it had finally loaded it showed me a black screen. If this changes I'll rate it higher because I long family guy. I'm just disappointed I can't play it.
Katie Trent review Katie Trent
I think that u should have the option of getting clams with the game money if you want. I can't afford to pay for clams with real money. That's why you should offer the option of buying clams with the game money. I'm sure there are people in the same boat I am with that that plays the game. It keeps kicking me out when I do anything on the game. It's really annoying
Nadine Theophine review Nadine Theophine
I used to play this all the time. Have never EVER been able to complete a stage because I refuse to buy clams. Havent played in a while so updated but now it won't load. No point having it take up space so will reluctantly uninstall. Shame as it did help pass the time.
Jenn James review Jenn James
Special events are no fun anymore! You need a bunch of "rare" items that take days to get, to then get the building, that takes days to give you one other item, so it takes several buildings to get several items for one completed character. ..sounds confusing? That's the game lately, and I'm disappointed, unsatisfied, a kinda over it. It was a better game 2 years ago.
Ay Yung review Ay Yung
Pay to play.
At first the game is fun, but as you play you quickly realize that anything new and cool in the game is impossible to obtain unless you are spending $20-$50 a week. Quests yu send your characters on take too long and more than half the time once they are done the event you've been working so hard to accomplish has little to no time left to get the characters. The app itself seems very laggy at times. Drop rates are deffinately on the lower percentage even for the common items. 1 star at best.
Christopher Kolar review Christopher Kolar
Quests take too long. Item drops to rare, same character required for multiple items. Gimmick to buy clams. Speaking of clams, I've installed 3 games, played to requirement, no clams each time jyst a frozen game. Used to love it, now the game just wants your money. Probably uninstalling soon, not fun anymore
Evan Curtis review Evan Curtis
The game is a lot of fun. Until you get far enough along that you have to pay to get anywhere. I don't mind dropping some cash to play. But it has just become ridiculous. I'm about to get rid of it.
Enki Anunñaki review Enki Anunñaki
They made improvments!
.im impressed alot of issues i had w this game r sorta fixed! Decided to give another chance.though anything worth getting is too expensive, 10$ for 1 character just is redic. Micro transactions ftw. Allow for more free clams if you continue crazy prices or perhaps bundles? Or drop those clam prices for characters n buildings i mean good gawd. FIX THE "INSTALL GAME FOR 10 CLAMS" FREEZE/NOT WORKING
Steven Kidner review Steven Kidner
I have played and enjoyed this game for ages through thick a and thin with a fair amount of success. Once again the game designers have written a game with a catch 22 situation. In the colonial event most quests require the removal of redcoats. This requires colonial Peter which requires peters hat which requires removal of a redcoat and round and round we go.
Savage Akajdn review Savage Akajdn
Doing better with the power Ranger event but why do characters cost so many clams and if I put this app on my sd card why is there still 2.7gb being used on my device by 33,000 files
Philip Murphy review Philip Murphy
Pay to play every step
Uninstalling this app as I have not been able to progress a single step as I refuse to pay for everything, and then log in every hour to push a button (game play). They took a app that might have been good and made it just a money machine. Poor customer service, laggy when you play-tablet freezes for 1-2mins every time I do 1 action. Save your $$ & go the the pub, you will get something for the $500 per month they want to push a button
John Nobles review John Nobles
The Rocky event was more of the same greed we are all accustomed to, over priced characters and unwinnable gameplay without spending money or cheating. When most reviews are bad and say the same stuff you should maybe get the hint Tinyco. Someone at Tinyco please tell McFarlane that these d-bags are pissing people off! I love family guy and it's like this game is trying to turn me against it. The Simpson's tapped out is still way better and the reviews prove it.
Jess Sharp review Jess Sharp
Can you fix the bug or something. Been playing pretty much everyday for ages now haha. Since this teabag quest my family guy won't progress. It keeps tell u g me to u lock musketeer Mikes and get ted and the statue. Both I have done. But it's finished now and I still have the symbols in my quest feed but no ted. Not on. Plz sort it out. S7 edge, if that makes any difference. Sick game.
Lana Burch review Lana Burch
Characters relevant to events
Please please PLEASE add more character action drops per event! Stewie, Brian, and other main characters do not have event actions much less item drops. You were getting better with this at one point, but now it's back to square one it seems. Current event Haunted James Woods High only has a handful of characters with item drops. (oh unless you spend money for clams to BUY a costume for a current character like Condom Chris). I really love this game, please add more characters to events. Thanks!
Stan Yiu review Stan Yiu
Was fun, now it is just a cash-grab
The game used to be really fun, where progressing through special events and unlocking characters were challenging but rewarding. Now they are blatantly trying to make you pay your way to advance in quests. Collecting 30+ of extra rare items that only gets drop once out of every10 actions?! Come on! And you need to collect how many different items that can only be gotten from another character that needs to be arduously unlocked also??!! Sure you can just puchase the character by purchasing with 300 clams!