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Fantasy Football Draft Wizard
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Dominate your fantasy football drafts

Draft Wizard is a suite of tools that will help you draft like an expert and win your leagues!

Created by FantasyPros, the #1 fantasy sports advice and tools provider in the world, this is the only app that will tell you give you expert advice for every single pick and assist you during your real live draft.

Download this app now for the ultimate edge.

What do you get with Draft Wizard?

*Draft Simulator*
Run mock draft simulations to practice for your real fantasy football draft.

*Expert Advice*
See who the experts would draft for every single pick to help you make the best possible decision.

*Cheat Sheets*
Built in cheat sheets based on our ECR (Expert Consensus Rankings) and ADP (Average Draft Position).

*Draft Analyzer*
See how you performed after each draft to identify your strengths and weaknesses.

*Draft Assistant (Manual)* - PRO/MVP/HOF users only
Enter draft pick selections from your real draft to get expert advice on who to pick for your team.

*Draft Assistant (With Sync)* - MVP/HOF users only
Sync with your live draft to get expert advice on who to pick for each round, while your draft unfolds in real-time. Drafted players will be automatically tracked for you.

1. Both the Manual and Live Draft Assistant features support the following league hosts: Yahoo, CBS,, MyFantasyLeague, RT Sports, Fantrax, and NFFC.
2. ESPN leagues can be imported into the app, but only the Manual Draft Assistant is supported. Live Draft Assistant is not supported for ESPN.
3. Auction drafts are not supported by the app.
4. Our app will not make the draft picks for you, selections must be made in your host's draft room interface.

...More Features!

Let our computer algorithms make the picks for you so you can sit back, relax, and analyze the draft results.

*Custom Draft Configuration*
Configure your own league settings, select the number of teams, players, positions, and scoring system (Standard or PPR)

*Import League Settings*
Simulate your real draft by importing league settings from your favorite league host.

*Offline Draft Support*
No internet connection needed, just open up the app and start drafting at your own convenience.

*Keeper League Support* (MVP/HOF users only)
Track your league's keepers for each team so you can mock draft with settings that are close to your real thing.

FantasyPros is a leader in the fantasy sports space and has won several awards at the FSTA (Fantasy Sports Trade Association):

- Best Service/Tool (2014,2015)
- Most Valuable Tool (2013)
- Most Accurate Projections (2013)
- Most Innovative Fantasy Product (2012)
- Best New Fantasy Site (2011)

Fantasy Football Draft Wizard APK reviews

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Andrew Hahn review Andrew Hahn
Fun and fast mock draft simulations from anywhere. I can bang out a few simulations while grabbing lunch. I also like that it synchronizes my cheat sheets with my web account, so I can rank and tag players on both platforms.
Andrew Sears review Andrew Sears
This is a fun app for practicing different draft strategies without burning a lot of time. The mocks feel fast and realistic. More than anything, I love how the app syncs with my live Yahoo draft to offer pick suggestions. It definitely gives me an edge as picks are flying off the board.
Clinton Ho review Clinton Ho
Best fantasy app around
This thing is like a hot bowl of ramen or pho during the winter. It hits the spot and I can't get enough. Draft simulations FTW!
jonah cassidy review jonah cassidy
These guys are the best, I use this app every year for mocks and on draft day and it's very easy to use and great customer service. I'm a customer for life. AWESOME AWESOME AWESOME
Douglas Stone jr review Douglas Stone jr
Not accurate
Is there a way to change the way the draft is simulated as there is on the site itself? I don't feel like I'm drafting against experts. More like 6th graders that are special.
Michael Vu review Michael Vu
The best way to prepare for your draft
Get expert suggestions, finish in minutes, and customize based on your league settings!
Joshua F review Joshua F
Great, but pricing should carry into regular subscription also.
I have to pay two subscription fees if I want to use the draft wizard on my phone and computer. Should be linked. Great app but 5 stars if pricing was better.
Sean Patchen review Sean Patchen
Use it every year to get the kinks out
Great tool, great site. They deserve all the praise.
Aaron Rogers review Aaron Rogers
Great draft prep tool
I'm so happy to have the Android version available to us this year. I've used it many times already as I prepare for this year's drafts.
Chad Davis review Chad Davis
Great mock draft app!
Great for quick mock drafts with your league settings. Can also link to your league for real time drafting.
Aaron Atwood review Aaron Atwood
Mock drafting will never be the same. Thanks guys, I love it!!
Brandon Wright review Brandon Wright
Does not simulate a live draft at all. Apps that I have used in the past would actually let you set the draft order and designated players to the selecting teams for $4.99. This just lets you select whether they were drafted by you or another time team. I would like to be able to look back next year and know who was selected by each team in each round. Wish it had an easier way to tag players for creating custom cheat sheet rather than having to use the drop down list
Jason Ayres review Jason Ayres
Does everything I need it to
Nikki Schmidt review Nikki Schmidt
Great app for fantasy football lovers
I used to do mock drafts in yahoo, but it takes so long and most people leave and then you're drafting against auto draft which is unrealistic. I love the quickness and realism so this app's mock drafts.
greg gampfer review greg gampfer
Great tool to prepare for drafts! Something that might provide a more realistic experience would be a "homer" option. By selecting the favorite team or city you're in, the players from that team may come off the board a little sooner, or later, (depending on the team). Overall I love the app, really helped work out some different approaches & decide what rounds to go after the players I want this year.