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B-Dog 1978 review B-Dog 1978
Very useful FF tool.
Very user friendly, and easy to navigate. I've been looking for a FF advice app that actually does what it claims, and after a long run of installing and uninstalling apps with too much advertising, or too many "purchase premium" prompts, I feel as though I've found it. Well done.
John Cassidy review John Cassidy
Terrible, the rankings are not updated in this app just use the website.
Kyle review Kyle
Under "League Analyzer" the new feature tab labeled "Projected Standings" crashes everytime i choose it after most recent update..
Joey Rustenhaven review Joey Rustenhaven
I paid for the pro subscription and i cant even use the app because it keeps crashing!
Rick Butler review Rick Butler
Basic version, great info
App give terrible fantasy advice. It's pos rankings seem to be from pre-season projections and doesn't update. Maybe I just don't get the system but after a week of playing with the app (a lot) I've determined its advise is garbage. Example: Cam for Brees... Not a good trade, though the app says otherwise.
David Szabo review David Szabo
App hangs when I use Waiver & Trade Assistant
Just paid for access to these premium features and the app hangs when I try to use them with my MFL team.
JC Smith review JC Smith
Be careful...
Read something similar from another post, but be careful. Upgrades purchased in the app do NOT give you the same upgrades on the website. HOWEVER, if you purchase the website upgrade you do get the full access through the app also. It does feel deceptive, a full upgrade should give you full access in both, regardless. To their credit, I emailed them and they were mostly responsive. Eventually, they gave a refund for my app purchase and I bought the website upgrade. Otherwise, I like the site and info.
BIG A T review BIG A T
New update is garbage.
Your new update will not let me check starting lineups and the start/sit assistant is not working at all. This is ridiculous as I paid 10 dollars for the upgrade. Fix immediately as there is 2 hrs til the start of games or i will issue for a full refund.
David Hyman review David Hyman
Great way to get insights into fantasy football
The upgraded version has some very helpful tools to save a lot of time researching FF. I wish the app supported landscape and split screen so you could look at their recommendations and set your team at the same time. I also wish it had the multi league features that the web version has. Just remember that purchasing the upgrade on Android doesn't grant the same privileges on the web version. But the money spent does count towards it as it does cost more money
June A review June A
Since new update getting network error
I love this app but this recent update is providing me with a network error..can you please fix this??
Jeremy review Jeremy
Mega Battery Drain after update
App would be good if the battery drain wasn't so harsh. LG G5. I think it actively refreshes feeds while in the background perhaps, but for whatever reason it accumulated maybe 5-10 mins total screen time, but 35% of my battery drain (battery is at 15%)
wayne odd review wayne odd
Network errors
Typically good app, bad update. Plz fix soon.
Jeager Midnight review Jeager Midnight
Money grab
If you upgrade the Web app, it only applies for the app and not the Web based site!!! What a ripoff... at least say that it doesn't convert over. I will not be using the app ever again!
Rakesh Acharya review Rakesh Acharya
Getting blank screen after new update