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Suri Jay review Suri Jay
Player support wise -10. Key purchase is a nightmare most of the time you don't get it. For your billing inqueries never answered. At some situations google play doesn't help either. So if you buy keys watch out You will be disappointed. Most of the time zynga lock players out specially when there is a competitive event.
Tricia Mullins review Tricia Mullins
I play it all the time and here the last week when the second part of the last quest started I haven't been able to load it to my tablet so until the glich is fixed I give my rating a 2 star. When it tries to load my whole tablet freezes and I have to do a hard reset on it. But I can play off line but not while on the internet
Yes ,i submitted problems with my game several times ,received no answer ,i uninstalled and reinstalled to try and fix the problem I was having with game. No help back to level 11 when I was level 78 I would like to have my levels returned please and maybe I'll rat it higher
Shy review Shy
Customer Service Is Very Poor. They Do Not Respond To Support Requests Nor Do Anything To Help. They Cheat And Just As Much Steal
I enjoyed playing this game until it cheated me at the end of an event. I had won a better prize and the game shafted me. Not happy at all.
Janice Bactat review Janice Bactat
Have been playing this game since it was first introduced on Facebook.
It would be a good game but it always crashes and seems laggy. I have tried this game on 2 different phones now galaxy s4 and an iPhone 5s. Both glitch and lag out.
Rosemary Bain review Rosemary Bain
When will the game get back to a fair game
Your graphics are great, support super, but the rental helpers require way too much work. The permanent helpers are great when it was not competitive, because of the cheating that is present. Let us earn helpers by fair play as in the map games, not leader board competition or bingo....make it fair and fun
Tracey Jancha review Tracey Jancha
This is an easy game to learn, pretty graphics, and fun. The only criticism is that prices and timers going way up are a big hindrance and makes it a bit annoying to play. Otherwise it's still enjoyable.
Alisha Stoos review Alisha Stoos
Can't stop playing it!!!
I love the new upgrades for your crafting station's,,and I'm loving the new chat keep up the good work :)
Ella van Jaarsveld review Ella van Jaarsveld
It's a good game. I am just disappointed that I can't retrieve my game save progress I had earlier. Now I have to start from the beginning again.
sally parkinson review sally parkinson
Farmville 2 counrty escape
I love this game and find it hard to put it down.
Sonal Chavan review Sonal Chavan
In last lumberjack event i won gold in both stages but didn't received the reward. Why is so??? Admin please look forward to this.
Karolina Stojceva review Karolina Stojceva
Best and soo adictive
its the best game i play it 2/3 years no adds no bugs great graphic
Hey it's Claire review Hey it's Claire