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Fenix 2 for Twitter
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Fenix brings you a fresh and modern Twitter experience!
Tired of the same old Twitter apps? Give Fenix a try and you won't go back!

✓ Support for multiple accounts

✓ Fully customisable main screen, where your lists and saved searches can be just a swipe away

✓ Beautiful images and videos previews, with support for external websites like YouTube, Instagram, Vine and Flickr

✓ Gorgeous conversations layout

✓ Mute system for noisy or unwanted users, hashtags or keywords

✓ Choose from a selection of beautiful light or dark themes

✓ And a lot more...

Fenix 2 for Twitter APK reviews

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Andrea A review Andrea A
The fact that I can't mute certain hashtags on lists really sucks. I have multiple lists and a bunch of muted hashtags, but the tweets with those hashtags still show up on my lists. Please fix this, prior Fenix app was great but this one still needs work.
Stu Robinson review Stu Robinson
Always loved the old Fenix. I moved to Flamingo, but had awful battery drain and the Dev didn't seem to care. I'm now using Fenix 2 and so far, it's amazing. Thank you.
Andre T. Robinson review Andre T. Robinson
Update 11/7/17... The quick share feature is finally back all is good now..... Lacking the the quick share feature that the original Fenix app has. Please bring this back, now when I select share it brings up the whole list of apps to share the tweet with where as before it showed the icon of the last shared app.
Recurring V's review Recurring V's
Found out the original was abandoned. Understood that developing for Twitter's recent changes is probably costly so a new app would be good for making up that cost. Would have liked to at least been notified on the patch notes for the previous version. Anyway, low and behold after buying this no media loads in on my timeline, even after expanding pictures and video. Glad I purchased the "upgrade".
Séamus Bradd review Séamus Bradd
Looks pretty, but UX is horrendous, often neglects to show notifications at all, and periodically resets itself for no discernible reason. "Give Fenix a try and you won't go back"? How presumptuous.
Sra. Rivera review Sra. Rivera
I hate the fact that doesnt load comments
Paul Smith review Paul Smith
My favourite Twitter app, still needs work though. I *hate* the bounce when scrolling through someone's profile, and replies to tweets take 200 years to load now
Mark Richardson review Mark Richardson
A really great app and evolving for the better all the time.
Kevin Jong review Kevin Jong
The Twitter experience actually is really good, but Tweet Marker sync seems to be broken. After browsing with Fenix, it won't sync to Tweet Marker. It won't go to the latest tweet on other app with Tweet Marker enabled.
Hans Olav V review Hans Olav V
Activity tab needs to /not/ include your mentions like the old app
Daniel Westerdale review Daniel Westerdale
This the best Twitter app I have used. It has a stunning UI.
Captain Packrat review Captain Packrat
It's improved quite a bit, pretty much to the point where I'm willing to switch from Fenix 1. I do wish that they'd bring back the two column design for tablets, the current design looks fine on phones but has way too much wasted space on a wide tablet screen.
Andrew Livingston review Andrew Livingston
Sadly the layout is way inferior to the previous version. So much unnecessary padding (even new "condensed" mode still has 50% too much, even if slight progress.), and the reply/retweet markers seemigly placed to lower information density as much as possible. Line weighting and headings inferior to the old version too. Shame, because some of the functionality improvements are really nice.
Colin J review Colin J
It's like Fenix 1 with features taken out. If you add swipe to compose (like Fenix 1) and more color selection for links (like Fenix 1 has) I might consider using this app but at the moment I have no reason to use this over the original
Adam Bernas review Adam Bernas
A lot of stalling in this app on my Pixel XL & Huawei M3 tablet. Wow. Had to switch to another app.