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FIE Swordplay is the first mobile game with real athletic rules for fencing with foils, swords, and sabers that is officially supported by the FIE ( Learn real techniques — from simple thrusts to powerful lunges and devious feints. Play against an AI opponent or challenge a social network friend to a duel.

Choose the country you want to represent, equip your fencer, and enter tournaments all over the world. Fight your way from ambitious novice to fencing master.

Features of FIE Swordplay

• The world's first mobile game with real rules and techniques from athletic fencing
• Gorgeous 3D graphics, phenomenal animation, and real fencing physics
• Deep customization — fine-tune your weapons and equip your character with gear such as vests and masks
• Compelling PvE campaign: fight your way from novice athlete to Olympic champion
• Asynchronous PvP mode: duel your social network friends
• Incredibly simple, easy-to-use controls. Master several types of weapons quickly, then hone your skills
• Officially supported by the International Fencing Federation

Start playing FIE Swordplay and compete in fencing duels that are dynamic, striking, and full of drama — right on the screen of your mobile device! Athletic combat with swords and foils has never looked so spectacular!

FIE Swordplay APK reviews

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Omkar Kulkarni review Omkar Kulkarni
Just am amazing game.
It has very realistic moves and attacks. The graphics are mind boggling. The expressions of the characters after losing or winning a duel are very realistic. The game developer has done a very good job making this game. It's one of the best games anybody can play and it has to be downloaded by everyone. Plus it is completely free with few in-app purchases so we are not limited to anything or there is no limitation to the amount of levels we can play. So you, again overall it is an amazing game.
ebulldog 777 review ebulldog 777
I really like the game, however I think the game would really excel with an ACTUAL pvp were one friend can vs the other. Maybe even tournaments? Like a multi friend event thing? Also it would be nice to vs actual people. Not saying to rid the campaign cause that's cool too. In fact I think you could add in more rewards and have npcs actually wear high up rewards? Maybe even make more challenging modes for advanced players? Overall it's a good game, but has a lot of potential to be a GREAT game.
Mr SodorRoure review Mr SodorRoure
Energy turns -353
The game is nice a black screen bug on first but after that it's fine. Until I got a pop out box that says "not connected on server". I was playing pvp but my internet is still good after that may energy for campaign turn into -353. How could I play the campaign with that kind of energy it's to long to wait for an energy. My tournament also restarted to a new one I'm about to finish it ad acquire a classic epee
Michael Gulliver review Michael Gulliver
Overall Brilliance
Game is the best I've seen for this kind of sport. Watching the Olympics got me into fencing and when I saw this I gave it a go... didn't expect it to be as fantastic as it is. Well put together. Fun and realistic. A lot to it, fighting styles, unlockables, PVP, different game types, very good graphics, there's a maturity in this game and it definitely feels like it's made by people who know the sport and know how to make a great game/app! Well done!
Ashish Suri review Ashish Suri
Great graphics. Easy to play.
Its really difficult to find a game which is easy to play and competitive at the same time. With so many possibilities to progress in this game, it will take a hardcore gamer to get bored with this game. And im really happy that their are no ads showing up. Fencing is not a famous sport but now I find it amusing. Overall this game deserves a five star.
Lakshman Adhikari review Lakshman Adhikari
Nice game but too easy to earn credits
Game credits can be earned in large number by just playing the for a couple of days. Once enough credits earned purchase better accessories and kaboom, every opponent becomes a piece of cake. Hoping future updates would come with more challenging AI. Till then reserving a 1 star, rating 4 stars for now.
Errol Palomares review Errol Palomares
What else?
campaign is too easily done. completed all the repertoire and equipment. whats the point of pvp with ai again?! nothing more to do here. is there anything else? i still gave it a 5s because it was still a nice game. but you know what they say about nice things.... they don't last..
Edgar Kursiss review Edgar Kursiss
Game looks very promising! But come on... Mechanism of an attack is wrong - attacks start with arm movement first , legs follow after. Atm its other way round and it's considered as an invalid attack! You got the most important bit of an attack wrong. (Or at least make sure that elbow doesn't move inwards prior attacking) And country selection is a bit offensive/poor, fair enough about the big fencing countries but if you include Sweden include other Nordic and Baltic states etc.
Delmar Lowers review Delmar Lowers
It loads very slow can u speed it up.
PhiL PhiL review PhiL PhiL
Battery hog
10 mins of play and drains 50% of battery. And why it wants access to my phone function? Does it wanna call someone for a fight??
Gethin ap Phylip review Gethin ap Phylip
Controls are slightly cumbersome although it's still a lot of fun.
Dan Rosevear review Dan Rosevear
Great game
I think this game is great and very accurate but a little slow at loading.
Rory King review Rory King
Not like real life but all in all a really good game
Pela Serenelli review Pela Serenelli
I think it can be improved
First of all congratulations. The first fencing game that worth playing. At least people can star having a close look. Secondlyit will show the actual Rules maybe little by little as the game goes. And also little bit more of the real equipment. So people can see the difference between each other from the beginning. Some do.not have patience to finish game. Great app.thanks
richard barnes-webb review richard barnes-webb
Great, playable fencing game
Very good game. Looks like the FIE sank real cash into this one (and about time someone in fencing did). Would like to see: an option to be left handed, stick to one weapon (ie foil is the only real fencing weapon), and easier counter-parry repostes.