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Ajs2111 S3 review Ajs2111 S3
Great app, but
Could use mapping linework option like iOS app. Also, Is there a way to move a locality WITH all its associated data (attitudes, notes, photos, etc) as opposed to using "Move Data" repetitively for each individual data point. I don't think this functionality exists, and users will need to be eagle-eyed to make sure the GPS didn't shut off. Also a select all/none option would be great in Stereonet and in Visible Localities to make sorting data faster.
Nathan Anderson review Nathan Anderson
Fantastic app, but it lost my data twice.
When it worked, I loved using this app on a fluvial survey I did this spring. My only complaint of the app is also the reason I had to stop using it. I used this app a total of 4 times, saving each day's work as a separate project. Days 1 and 2 worked fine, but when I went to export my day 3 data that evening, it was gone. All of it. Projects 1 and 2 were gone too, but fortunately I had already exported their data to my computer previously. I lost an entire days work, but I figured I must have accidentally done something to cause this and that I would be more careful in the future. My next field day I saved as a new project called "Day 4" and was careful all day long not to accidentally delete it. When I left the site that evening, I confirmed it was all there. However, when got home and went to export it, everything was gone again. There was no saved data anywhere in the app. I even plugged in my phone via USB and went through the FieldMove Clino file directory to double check. Nothing. Two days of work and pay were lost. I had to take a weekend, without pay, to go out and redo days 3 & 4. I can't afford to try it again. I can't count on it to work. Wasted $10 on Pro, too.
mme ss review mme ss
Great app
Very useful in the field, and free version isn't overly restrictive
Munkhtsetseg O review Munkhtsetseg O
Great app. But can not keep my field measurements. During the mapping it seems ok to save my datas. But next day every single datas were gone. It happens every time I use the app.
Nico Doeseb review Nico Doeseb
Cool i love it
Lorenzo Valetti review Lorenzo Valetti
I love this software, doing a lot of field work I find that with this I can save tons of time and gather top quality data already neatly organised, digitised and geo-referenced. I'm never going back from this!! :D
Best app for geologists!!!!
Faisal Khan review Faisal Khan
much useful
its a much helpful and useful app specially for structural geology students... very informative and simple to understand... well done and thanks alot
Lucas McLean-Hodgson review Lucas McLean-Hodgson
Great app
Fantastic for field mapping especially using the Garmin GLO for improved Gps accuracy.
Ian Flynn review Ian Flynn
Geo Major
Geo major, love it
Pradip Gawas review Pradip Gawas
Option to tag photos to a reading
Just downloaded. UI looks great. But It wud have been much better if we give a code to each reading in particular locality. Take a reading and then get a option to take a set of photos that will be attached to that particular reading with same code.
Forest Fortescue review Forest Fortescue
Wish pro features worked offline
Love the app but I wish the stereo net functionality worked offline. I'm willing to work with the crashes, but as a crash resets my pro license all I get is the demo stereo net page until I'm next online. Alas!
Brian MacRorie review Brian MacRorie
Great App
Useful for keeping all your data easily accessible and in one coherent place.
james jones review james jones
Love it but quite crashy
Love the app and use it whenever i'm working or studying in the field. Only issue is it crashes when taking images and notes, also happens when reviewing the same. Other than this its brilliant! Fix the crashes and you get another star!
Arif R review Arif R