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The Official FIFA App keeps you fully up to date with live football scores from across the globe, as well as breaking news, exclusive videos and highlights, interviews and features.

Get in-depth live coverage of every FIFA Tournament, from U-17, U-20 men’s and women’s tournaments through Beach Soccer, eSports and Futsal to the FIFA World Cup itself. This includes access to exclusive content such as live blogs, match highlights, photos and videos.

Our Live Scores section brings you the live action, line-ups, fixtures, results, standings and stadium information from 197 national leagues and continental competitions, allowing you to get personalised, real-time notifications for all your favourite teams and divisions right to your pocket.

In addition, you can keep track with the latest FIFA/Coca-Cola World Ranking and explore how FIFA brings to life its passion for developing the game and building a better future with stories from our worldwide projects.

The Official FIFA App is a must-have for any football follower. So, download it and have the beautiful game with you any time, any place.

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FIFA APK reviews

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Rachel E. review Rachel E.
Thanks for all the info on the 2018 World Cup in Russia but I think there was a World Cup this year too.
Matthew Smith review Matthew Smith
Not useful at all
No women's world cup anywhere to be found... Ridiculous. Basically all this app is good for is looking at the world rankings, which you could do in the same time online
Laken Lackey review Laken Lackey
Favorites and Timeline
I attempt to add my favorites but they never save. Also improve the match timeline.
Alex Guevara review Alex Guevara
UI needs improvement
There's no consistency in the UI. To name one: you can view the upcoming match for the Copa America but not for the Women's World Cup. I would have to go to the actual website for such information.
Brian Azar review Brian Azar
Cluster F* of data
There's a FIFA World Cup happening RIGHT NOW, so YOU WOULD THINK tapping "FIFA World Cup" from the left slide out would take you to the tournament that's happening right now... NOPE! The organization of everything is just a mess; you tried, and almost got there, but missed the mark completely.
Victoria Romero Knell review Victoria Romero Knell
In case you didn't notice...
The 2015 women's world cup is happening right now!!!! When you select world cup it takes you to 2018 men's world cup. Uninstalling!
Yuriy D. review Yuriy D.
More Favorites
I have way more than 3 teams and 3 competitions i want to follow. Also, it would be nice to have every single competition/match schedule already shown on homepage without having to search for it out have it in favorites.
Robert Elagbe review Robert Elagbe
It make me fill goop,football
I like watching football games as we go!
Sean Best review Sean Best
Crashes Galaxy Note 2 on 4.4.2
Crashes phone and corrupts cache on sd card. Another great samsung product that will let you down. Would give minus figure but leave that for phone manufacturer.
Alex H review Alex H
So disrespectful
What is wrong with FIFA? They refuse to put female players in their video games and now they don't even highlight the Womens World Cup on their app. At least they post the scores in the "Live Scores" tab but they should have a full hub for something as big as the Womens up. Of course they've got a special section for the next men's cup 3 years from now... Truly disappointing, just goes to show what kind of reality they live in.
dmua1 review dmua1
Womens world cup fans lives matter.... wtf FIFA are you that sexist and do not include women's world cup?
karina corona review karina corona
Dowloaded it to keep track of the Women's World Cup but any match information is HARD to find and even then it isn't updated. Made me miss the first have of Germany's game. But what more can you expect from FIFA?
Mark Lowry review Mark Lowry
Bush League
Crashes repeatedly, difficult to find world cup games WHILE THE TOURNEY IS GOING, bush league for the world's governing soccer body
ignorantpizza 2 review ignorantpizza 2
It's a reasonably good app, but it basically pretends that the women's world Cup dosen't exist. It's almost like sexism is epidemic in FIFA. ?
Gill Kirkwood review Gill Kirkwood
Very limited information...
Not very useful. Some news stories, not too well presented. No information, apart from standings, on teams, players, stats, etc. from the 2915 World Cup matches going on right now in Canada. At !east not that I could find...