File Manager -- Take Command of Your Files Easily APK

File Manager -- Take Command of Your Files Easily
File Manager -- Take Command of Your Files Easily screenshot 1File Manager -- Take Command of Your Files Easily screenshot 2File Manager -- Take Command of Your Files Easily screenshot 3File Manager -- Take Command of Your Files Easily screenshot 4File Manager -- Take Command of Your Files Easily screenshot 5File Manager -- Take Command of Your Files Easily screenshot 6File Manager -- Take Command of Your Files Easily screenshot 7
The best File Manager is a powerful file explorer for Android that you can handle all your files and folders, which stored in your internal storage and external storage. File Manager Commander supports browse, analyze, transfer, search, copy, paste, move and delete files operations. Now explore your files efficiently and intuitive with File Manager Browser. Put full-function into your pocket!

With the best File Manager Explorer, you can unlock these key features:

Check your Available Space Left
Use a visualized file analyzer function in File Manager Explorer for Android, you can clearly see the space occupied by various types of files. Analyze the Large Files & Recently Created Files & Idle Files & Redundant Files & Duplicate Files in main storage or SD card of your phone, find out which takes up the most space.

? Free up Space with Only One Tap
Too much lag on your phone? File Explorer can free up your storage space by removing the cache, useless, junk, and duplicate files which occupy valuable space. The best File Manager will remind you to optimize your device's storage when it runs out.

?Transfer Files at Speeds above 20M/s
Under Wi-Fi condition or auto-created hotspot, don’t consume any data and cables. You can share apps, games, music, videos, photos or any other files in your local device with friends with the best File Manager Command for Android. The speed of transferring files can reach more than 20M/s. That is to say, a movie of 1G size can be transferred in one minute.

? Locate Files in a Flash
Looking for files, but do not know the exact location? Weather in storage or SD card, just needs one second. Use the search box at the top of the homepage, search the file you need and the result will appear immediately. Have no need to find specific files from every category.

? Browse Files Intuitively
Explore your files easily by clear categorization, including Recents, Installers, Bluetooth, Downloads, Documents, Audio, Pictures, Videos, Archives, Favorites, and Safebox. All files are sort by their file types and characteristics. View file in each categorization exactly and enjoy files browsing.

? Handle with Multiple Files Efficiently
File Manager Browser can work effectively with rich types of files, like DOC, PDF, MP4, WMA, RAR and ZIP files. Also, it supports each file management actions (open, analyze, clean & boost, search, navigate directory, copy, paste, move, delete, rename, compress, decompress, transfer and share files). Organize your files in high-efficiency. Also, you can manage your apps installed on your phone.

? 100% Data Safe Guaranteed
Have some valuable or private files stored on the phone? The best File Explorer ensures your data security with encryption. Create a password, put your private documents, PDF, and media files into “Safebox”. Secure your apps from tracked eyes or unauthorized access with “Safebox” in file viewer.

You may encounter the following problems when using File Manager in Android:

- How do I move or copy a file on File Management tool?
- Open the File Manager Explorer and go to the file or folder which you want to move or copy. Long press on the files, in the top right corner you will find the options. If you forget the file location, you can also find it through a search.

- How do I encrypt files on Android phone?
- Click the icon of “Safebox” then create a password, then set a security question. Now you can select the file or folder you want to encrypt. Browse encrypted files that only visible to you.

File Manager Explorer is a wonderful file viewer which knows you best! Enjoy all these features that File Manager can offer. We will make this File Explorer Browser app to be the best File Manager on Android.

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With the THOUSANDS of similar complaints regarding the intrusive ads one would think that you might get the message! All those five star ratings appear to be BOTS making this app look to your stockholders like it's the greatest thing they ever invested in! It does act like a virus that can't be fully removed.
Briki G. Rainbow review Briki G. Rainbow
There are too many ads! If this is supposed to help clean my phone, why are there so many ads?! One little app does not need a lot of ads! And, before it gives me the option to clean the stuff on my phone, I get an ad!
Pop Counter Culture review Pop Counter Culture
Won't go away, adds annoying toolbar
Vladimir review Vladimir
This is the shittiest file manager that you guys have provided. It has ad's, it is slowing down my phone if I chose not to run the cleaner, and its deleting my important files! Worst decision you've made in my opinion.
Craig Gibson review Craig Gibson
Loved the PREVIOUS version! This new update is garbage! SO MANY adds and so much added bloatware! All this in the stock app from a phone manufacturer too!! That's as bad a Microsoft Windows coming with AdSense pop up adds all over inside it! Hope I can roll this back to the previous version, if not I'll be uninstalling it!
Jeremy Schimansky review Jeremy Schimansky
A file manager that tries to be more than what it should be. Extremely invasive. 0 stars. Uses the most battery of anything on my phone, and I don't even use it. Oh, and you can't uninstall it either! Terrible, horrible, awful app. The worst! Really REALLY SUCKS!!!!!! Feature request : allow me to uninstall this POS app. New app updates to optimize battery usage! LOL. Now it uses EVEN MORE! The developers of this app must have no idea what they are doing. It's a real shame.
Adam Durling review Adam Durling
This app is terrible. It locks up my phone constantly and degrades system performance. It is persistent, reinstalling when deleted unless you turn all updates to your phone off. This malware, and it is malware, needs to be removed from the play store.
It just popped up on my phone I hate it to many notifications ohhmy God 0stars why what did you do to my phone
Raven and Leahm PoeGrove review Raven and Leahm PoeGrove
Intrusive ads. Not as good as the file explorer I paid for. Let me uninstall without rooting!
Wayne Foster review Wayne Foster
When I try to delete things especially clean up files the thing is slow as molasses it gets stucked then I have to turn around and like submit a complaint I don't know I just don't know.
Darstout review Darstout
Keeps on installing task bar when it updates. I want to remove it but that option isn't available. Very annoying.
Useful and awesome I don't need anything better it does not need any Improvement
Lock Kal review Lock Kal
So, I was ok when I could actually uninstall/revert (to factory settings) the app without it forcefully reinstalling/updating itself (note that I have auto update turned off). Even if I turn off wifi and turn off 4G, then "uninstall", it returns after a short period of time. Makes me question what even is an install button nowadays. The battery consumption of this app is slightly less than... DOUBLE of the 2nd place battery eater on my phone, with every other app using 1/40th of the power this app does. Just a heads up for the software devs - make additional features that aren't 100% necessary as OTHER apps, don't force them on users of phones through putting it as a system app. Also, not able to get this off of my phone. The battery consumption has eaten my battery's life in 3 hours when it's in my pocket. Thats a real dandy when I go out with friends and then walk back home in the dark without any way of contacting people in case of emergency. Can't even call taxis to avoid that. I will say though, that without the apps functionality you can't manage data for other apps. All I ask is please, for the sake of all of us who use your phones, just make the app back to how it was - simple file manager and no "boost" or "clean" or "background optimization". I can clean apps myself. I know how to hit the square on the bottom of the phone and swipe away apps that are running that I don't want. I know I don't need this extra stuff laid thick on top.
Read it much easier for me to do much more work and made it easier for me to update things