Files by Google: Clean up space on your phone APK

Files by Google: Clean up space on your phone
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Files by Google is a file management app that helps you:
Free up space with cleaning recommendations
🔍 Find files faster with search and simple browsing
↔️ Share files offline with others, fast and without data
☁️ Back up files to the cloud to save you space on device

In just a few taps, you can free up space more quickly and easily than ever: Delete old photos and memes from chat apps, remove duplicate files, erase unused apps, clear your cache and more.

Use Files to see how much free space is left on your phone and SD card. Easily transfer files to an SD card to free up your phone’s storage, right from the app. Or use the integrated file cleaner to get more space on the phone.

You will always know what you’re deleting, we don’t hide behind complicated terms and phrases. Select only what you want to remove and keep the rest. It’s your photos, your videos, your files so you are in charge.

Use Files to keep enough of memory, so that your phone keeps on running smooth. Regularly, you get a prompt to remove junk or temporary files which helps you get more storage immediately.

Get helpful suggestions of files to erase before you run out of space. The recommendation from Files app get smarter the more you use it.

Save time looking for photos, videos, and documents on your phone. Files uses filters rather than folders so your stuff is organized more intuitively. Files by Google is the file manager and storage browser that helps you find what you’re looking for fast.

Search for your files or simply navigate to them through categories and filters. View, delete, move, rename or share any files. Sort them by file size to understand what’s taking space. Browse all the GIFs your have. Find and share that video you downloaded last week. All of this with few taps.

Share your pictures, videos, documents, or apps with others nearby who also have the app. With fast speed up to 480 Mbps, it’s fast, free, and it works without the internet, so it doesn’t cost mobile data. Just pair up your phone with anyone nearby who has Files app.

Files’s offline file sharing is secured with WPA2 encryption, providing a more secure file transfer. Files app uses Bluetooth to set up encrypted and direct fast wifi connection, so that you can transfer app APK or large files in seconds, send videos or pictures to your friends. Safe and secure.

If you want to keep a file forever, select it from the Files menu and back it up to Google Drive or any other cloud storage app. Save them forever without taking space in your phone.

If you run out of storage on your phone, simply transfer large files or videos to your SD card if you have one. With a few clicks, you can clean up your phone and fully use the SD card. That leaves your internal storage free and your phone faster.

Files app takes less than 10MB of storage on your phone. And there’s no malware or bloatware to affect your phone’s performance.

While taking very little storage on your device, Files does three things in one:
1) Free up space - Clean junk files and cache, boost your mobile phone or tablet as you clean up the phone memory and optimize your smartphone performance.
2) Find files fast - Browse your storage and find everything fast without being expert in file management.
3) Share files - Send pictures, share videos, transfer large files or app apks. All of this with super fast speed with rate up to 480 Mbps over an encrypted direct wifi network.

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David Church review David Church
Great app. Google Play recently said I didn't have enough memory space to update my apps, and it's a real pain trying to figure out which downloaded files and apps I can delete without missing them. This makes it easy. It gives practical suggestions and information. For example, I didn't realize I had several duplicated downloaded files,
Emily Kafrouni review Emily Kafrouni
My phone has alot of SD card storage but not enough device storage, so my apps would never update because of my lack of device storage. I downloaded this app hoping it could help me free up space and move files to my SD card (It gave my problems when I tried to move them manually). As soon as I opened the app, It prompted me to move about 3 gigs of photos to my SD card. I pressed the button and about 5 minutes later 3 gigs of photos were on my SD card and all my apps were updating normally. Would recommend!
bret cedrick latoza review bret cedrick latoza
Good enough. Although I keep getting an error message when I attempt to delete a file using the file management option. Error says "couldn't delete file. Error unknown". I noticed this only happens with files that are stored on external memory. Too bad, I was hoping I could use this to replace my file manager. Will try again in the future once there are updates.
Ryan Mayobre review Ryan Mayobre
Near perfect. This app is mostly a junk cleaner than a file manager. It's good at what it does, REALLY good; but it doesn't replace a file manager like "Solid Explorer". The sharing system is great, but does require a new phone to communicate with. The file management isn't bad but is missing features, such as a built in text editor and actual file exploring. Instead uses a library system that opens somewhat of a file exploring menu, which needs some improvements. I predict this app to improve dramatically as a fast rate and gain popularity fast. Possible default app for Android in the future since it was made by Google themselves.
Reggie Torres review Reggie Torres
It's okay. Ive used ES file explorer for years and this Files Go by Google has great effort and good direction. No ads is a plus. For what I get out of ES explorer though, I can't say id switch to files go just yet, it's lacking many useful features. Such as true file explorer, built in viewers, ability to link network storage locations. I'm not saying you should bite off other apps, but at least check 'em out.
Hari V review Hari V
Interface need to be improved. Folders are not accessible. Sending options need to to given More importance . Also looks at the application like xender, share it etc. to get good user interface and design ideas. I'm going to use this app since it is add free. Good app from Google ? Make cleaning option as an optional not a main feature. Make it as a file sharing app. Or file sharing app plus file manager app...