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Modern photos with analog vibe

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Offers Free
Version 1.3.7
Developer Filmic Inc.
Category Apps, Photography
ID com.filmic.firstlight
Requirements 8.0

Filmic Firstlight - Photo App 1.3.7 APK description

Filmic First light is a rev o lu tion ary pho to cam era from the mak ers of the class lead ing Filmic Pro cine ma video cam era that makes live pho tog ra phy fun and cre ative.

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Filmic Firstlight - Photo App latest version

Re dis cov er the joy of cap tur ing life’s mo ments in pho tographs you will im me di ate ly trea sure and want to share.

First light com bines cus tom film sim u la tions, adap tive film grain and Filmic Pro’s fa mous live an a lyt ics to of fer an ad vanced but ap proach able front end cam era ex pe ri ence like no oth er.

Fast, easy and in tu itive, First light lets you en vi sion and cap ture your best mo ments in cam era, with out hav ing to spend hours edit ing your pho tos lat er. Shoot and share, it’s that easy.

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- Fast, in tu itive fo cus and ex po sure con trols: Tap the screen to set fo cus/ex po sure, tap again to lock
- AE Mode: In clud ed is our pro pri etary Auto Ex po sure mode for set ting shut ter/iso com bi na tion
- Cross-swipe man u al con trols: The most in tu itive way to man u al ly ad just fo cus and ex po sure. Swipe across the im age to dial in your per fect shot. Swipe up and down to ad just ex po sure. Swipe left and right to ad just fo cus.
- Re ac tive an a lyt ics: A foun da tion fea ture of Filmic Pro and now in a pho to app. Man u al ly ad just ing your fo cus and ex po sure will au to mat i cal ly ap ply fo cus peak ing or ze bra stripes to make sure you get your shot just right.
- RGB His togram: Dy nam i cal ly shows the ex po sure pro file of the im age across all col or chan nels.


- Vin tage film sim u la tions: The magic of First light is in our re al is tic trib utes to au then tic film stocks. A range of film sim u la tions are in clud ed for free with the app.
- Film grain: Ap ply nat ur al look ing film grain ef fects to give your pho tos that ‘film look’. Medi um grain is in clud ed as a free op tion.
- Vi gnette: Ap ply a sub tle dark vi gnette to your im age. Medi um vi gnette is in clud ed as a free op tion.
- Lens se lec tor: Quick ly switch be tween all avail able lens es on your de vice. (Note: camera/lens support is device specific).


- Burst mode
- Timer
- Flash
- Grid over lays
- As pect ra tios: 4:3, 16:9, 3:2, 1:1, 5:4
- JPG or HEIC Se lec tion
- HDR con trol (on supported devices only)
- Vol ume but ton shut ter and sup port for most blue tooth cam era shut ter re motes
- Filmic Pro quick launch but ton (for own ers of Filmic Pro)

FIRST LIGHT PRE MI UM (with in-app purchase)

Up grade to un lock the full po ten tial of First light with the fol low ing ca pa bil i ties:
- Shut ter and ISO pri or i ty modes: In ad di tion to AE you can set spe cif ic Shut ter Speed or ISO val ues to ad here to and let the app au to mat i cal ly ad just ex po sure for the un locked val ue.
- Ex pand ed film sim u la tion op tions: More re al is tic film sim u la tions and more to be added in the fu ture for paid sub scribers.
- Film grain: Fine, coarse and ISO adap tive op tions in ad di tion to medi um
- Ad justable vi gnette: Low and heavy op tions in ad di tion to medi um.
- Con fig urable burst mode
- Anamor phic adapter sup port
- RAW: DNG and TIFF for mats
- Cus tom Func tion but ton
- Cus tom live an a lyt ics
- Con fig urable Fo cus and Ex po sure con trols
- Embedded copyright
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