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Find My Device helps you locate your lost Android and lock it until you get it back.

See your phone, tablet or watch on a map. If current location isn’t available, you’ll see the last known location.

Use indoor maps to help you to find your device in airports, malls, or other large buildings

Navigate to your device with Google Maps by tapping the device location and then the Maps icon

Play a sound at full volume, even if your device is on silent

Erase the device or lock it with a custom message and contact number on lock screen

See network and battery status

See hardware details

Permissions Notice
• Location: Needed to show your device’s current location on the map
• Contacts: Needed to access the email address associated with your Google account

Find My Device is part of Google Play Protect

Google Find My Device APK reviews

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Nguyen Duc Manh review Nguyen Duc Manh
It should be force enable GPS on device
I know it very easy to enable GPS & 3G/LTE from administration. But why google not add this feature? Only alarm, erase data & lock screen! It seem like not so useful. Because when we lost device, all that we want is find their device more than just lock screen and erase! Please consider this! Please vote for this feedback to let google see it! Thanks!
Jennifer Wright review Jennifer Wright
Amazing! Of all places I lost my phone at Universal studios. My friend recommend this app and I am so happy I use my Google account thoroughly enough, it made it a piece of cake to find my phone. I could lock my screen from my tablet with a message to call my friends phone just in case someone found it. Awesome AWESOME feature, cause I never lock my phone :s The pin point of where it was, was incredible. Thank you so much. And thank you to who ever turned it into guest services.
bijeesh mathew review bijeesh mathew
This aap will help you to find only if your phone is connected to a network. Now a days, thief's will do factory reset immediately and this aap will not be able to find your phone. Local mobile shop people will help them to reset the phone as well. Ultimately, you will not be able to locate if the factory reset is done. However it will help you to locate the place till the phone was connected to a network; so you can find the root where the phone was moved till net was connected. Android should not allow factory reset option without proper verification of owner identity.
Jessica David review Jessica David
Although this is a great and accurate app, it is quite unnerving that you can't remove old devices. Because of this I erased ALL content on my brothers phone by accident because his device was on MY list. If I had been able to remove it this would have never happened. Having that said, the apps functions are still very good. I was able to retrieve my phone
Earle Benson review Earle Benson
This app rocks! Left my phone on hood of my truck and realized it was missing after driving an hour home from job. I opened the app on a computer, pinged the phone and it pinpointed it on the side of road 30+ miles away. I locked the phone and posted a message to email me if found. After going to a private function that night, I returned home and pinged it again. It moved several blocks! I checked my email and someone said they found it. Met guy next day and was very relieved to have it back. I strongly recommend this app to anyone with a smart phone!!!
Aneloy Dashee review Aneloy Dashee
I'm not one to leave a comment on apps but this app was amazing. It helped me find my phone even after the SIM card was removed by showing its last location. The only issue I had was that it didn't make the phone ring when I pushed the button. Other than that it is a great app and I encourage others to use it.
james unna review james unna
Stupid app found the phone I am using and just installed the app on! I want to know where my 2 stolen galaxy S5s are. Ok, I'll give it 2* as it did allow me to change the name of this Galaxy S5 so if I ever do this with an app that works at least I won't mistake this phone!
Huy Tran review Huy Tran
Great for finding and securing your phone
James Malay review James Malay
This is amazing. On 14th October at night my old phone dropped from my backpack. When I realized I've lost my phone I called to my phone number from my friend's phone and it was ringing. I started searching the phone, I tried to login to this application with my Google account from my friend's phone, however I could not able to do that because the Google account was secured by two factor authentication, that I was receiving an OTP on my registered phone number everytime i tried to login my Google account. Unfortunately the phone number was also lost too with the phone. Please understand the real time consequences so that the application will be more user friendly and people can use it with trust. Will be happy to get reply on this. Thanks in advanve, MJ
Christiana Tchum review Christiana Tchum
I lost my tablet and frantically searched my whole house for it, I even rang friends who had visited the house thinking they had accidentally (or deliberately ?) taken it. My daughter searched the web for an app that can help locate it, thank God for gmail account that was active on my gadgets ...turns out the app connects all my gadgets once it has gmail active on it...(scary but helpful)! Brilliant! Found the tablet within a minute of downloading the app! Love it!
Emmanuel Lobe review Emmanuel Lobe
Its a nice App but really some some how its a joke, you can not find your phone when it is switched off, making this App to be less productive and even when you send a message and lock the phone the device can still be switched off. Please google develop this app to make more pleasing and number one on market, protect the people 99.9% We want an app that can; -Lock the phone without being controlled by the power button. -and even commanding the app to speak that "The device is stolen" as we do write the message to be displayed on the stolen screen. Thank you that the device can ring loudly even the phone is on silent.
A Google user review A Google user
I do like it enough to over-use it. First Locate! The accuracy gets close, but don't go knocking on doors saying My Device Manager told me it was here! Once your in the vicinity switch to "ring device" feature. That usually solves the problem. To the developer: Some features could be faster, more versatile or more informative. Overall good job tho.
Jennifer Adamek review Jennifer Adamek
If I could give Google's Find My Device App 10 ?' s I WOULD!!! (I have three devices with this app on all three: my Chromebook, Cellnotepad, and Emergency Cellphone.) Well I was up in NY State and I had forgotten my Chromebook there when return on an 8 hour drive back to CT. Well with all electronics, (we pay for what we get I look at it) do I remembered this app and went into the app and it was like AHH!!! Google's Find My Device found it!!! Thank You Google!!! Keep Coming Out With These Awesome Apps For 2018!!! A Avid Google Customer and App User For Life!!! Google Contributing Maps App Guide, Jennifer C. Adamek Torrington, CT
S. Shawn Sandberg review S. Shawn Sandberg
Great App! I use it all the time for my wife's phone. The only thing it needs to to work with Google Assistant. If I could track/automatically ring my phone from Google Home, this app/service would be unbeatable... Until then, IFTTT calling my phone will have to do.
chris wetherington review chris wetherington
I lost my Samsung Galaxy S5 note, it was buried about five inches in packed snow, that I had been plowing over. Was there for seven hours. This app lead me right to it. I highly recommend this app, it's no joke works like a champ. Luckily I had a good UAG hard case on my phone also because it's still working like a champ.