Fingerprint LockScreen Prank APK

Fingerprint LockScreen Prank
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This Fingerprint Lock Screen cannot really identify your fingerprint, it's just a simulated app used for fun.

Fingerprint Lock Screen Prank is an awesome screen lock app which unlock your phone by simulating to scan your fingerprint. The amazing fingerprint graphics and wonderful scan animation make it professional and funny. There are more than 10 brilliant and beautiful wallpapers provided to decorate your screen to the best.

The fingerprint scan is a simulated feature, it is just for fun.

How to Unlock
Press and hold your finger on the scanning panel for 3 seconds.

★Realistic fingerprint scanner, great graphics.
★Wonderful fingerprint scanning animation.
★More than 10 brilliant and beautiful wallpapers are provided.
★Support slide to unlock screen.
★Shows digital clock, date and time.
★Multiple settings like background wallpaper, vibrate, sound, date format, sliding text etc.

Fingerprint LockScreen Prank APK reviews

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Heath Fam44 review Heath Fam44
Hated it!
This app doesn't even work! Someone actually got into my phone with this app. And since its called FINGERPRINT you would think that its only YOUR OWN finger print! I literally HATED THIS APP!
Dk Max review Dk Max
Lol my flat mates think I'm a Hacker now lol. As the name of apk suggests it's created to #PRANK Noobz and friendZ not actual locking the debvice. It's a decoy which put off my younger siblings from snooping around my music and files. Shame it doesn't actually work but I'm pretty sure there are wayz around it.
Really bad
I got locked out of my phone the finger scanner would not work then I held the off button then it gliched to my normol lock screen now I'm back on my phone I am deleting this app because it's really bad and a waste of space that you could fill with a better app so I would not recomend this app to anyone sort all EVER
Tina-Leaza Jones review Tina-Leaza Jones
Finger Print "Lock" App
It's supposed to open using YOUR fingerprint, little did I know that this was a joke & I deleted my real locking I have to try to find it again!! I thought that I would test the accuracy of this out after it opened with surgical gloves on my hand & put my dog's paw on it!! Imagine my surprise when my phone opened!! This is ridiculous & it should say in big bold letters that it is NOT A TRUE SECURITY APP!! I would NEVER have downloaded it if it wouldn't have come up as I was running a cleaning App.
Ben Perry review Ben Perry
Freakin cool
I made it look really legit, and set the number of vibrations so that I'm the only one that can unlock it. Coolest lock app ever If you get locked out, just hold it for 3 vibrations. People keep freaking out, but it's in the settings.
G7gamer Gaming review G7gamer Gaming
Retarded app
I tried to get into my phone and it didn't work when I held down the power button it didn't show up so I had to take out my phone battery
Marion Goins review Marion Goins
Leo & Eliza Mearns review Leo & Eliza Mearns
Its really GOOD, I know it dosnt actualy scan your finger but if some one actually tries to get into your devise they probably wont even bother one try if they see this those people who say it locks them o
Loved it no one is getting in here
Best thing for ever
Audra Kelly review Audra Kelly
don't get locked me out of my phone plznfor the love of God DONT DOWLOAD THIS!!!!
It is q nice prank
Zainab Ali review Zainab Ali
I guess this is the best way to keep your phone locked.?
Leza Charles review Leza Charles
Love it