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Fish Live is the game for all fish lovers! Raised a fish lately? Play Fish Live and raise, feed and breed your own lovable fishes!

By playing this game you may find yourself hopelessly addicted to feeding and caring for adorable fishes, decorating your tanks with exotic tropical plants, and inviting others to view them in your own glorious tank.

Furthermore you can mix and match your fishes to make your own special fishes, e.g. ORANGESWING + YELLOWFEST = ?

- Dozens of adorable fishes to raise including sharks
- Fish come alive in your tank with awesome 3D animations
- Let your imagination run wild with hundreds of decorations, plants and backgrounds
- Simple and easy-to-use tap interface
- Beautiful and detailed graphics
- Visit, clean, feed your friends fishes and level up to become 'top' neighbors

Important Notice: If you want to switch devices, please bind your Facebook account with the current device first, and then login in your new device through Facebook Login. DON'T uninstall the game before binding Facebook account. Thanks.

Fish Live APK reviews

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Desiree Cornwell review Desiree Cornwell
Can't get my own game!!!
Every time i download it it gives me a whole other persons profile, fish and tanks. I dont understand why!!! It's given me a different persons profile each time.
Teresa Fruchtl review Teresa Fruchtl
I have been playing this game for months. There are new goals to constantly keep the game fresh. You can visit friends' tanks if you feel like it, but you can also keep to yourself if you prefer. You can earn game cash at a pretty good rate, or purchase it if you want to speed things along. The new update has only enhanced the game and made it more interesting. The only thing I would like to see is the ability to move decorations between tanks the way you can move fish between tanks. In all other ways, job well done! Thank you for such a wonderful game!
Renee Leighton review Renee Leighton
I want to say that I really love this game. Best free game ever. Cool graphics, easy game play and enough stuff to do to keep me coming back. Plus a GIGANTIC thumbs up to the devs. I recently got a new tablet and was having no luck transferring my game. I sent off an email to the devs and within a day had a response, two days later I had my old game on my new tablet, result!!! 30/3/17 I really love this game. The fish are so cute and now with the ability to acquire fish dollars I can afford to get the fish I've always wanted. The only thing that would make it better is more tanks and a way to decorations that are seasonal so they aren't cluttering up the tanks. Maybe some new background for the tanks or even just coloured gravel. No matter I will continue to play because I love it. Keep up the great work.
Deb Wharff review Deb Wharff
When will you give more challenges? Plus trying to raise fish and the catfish one isn't working to get my hands on 10 cash. . I've send two emails and nothing! How is a person able to contact or chat room to ask questions about it. Please reply for don't remove my gifts to reboot problems
Shannon Mundorff review Shannon Mundorff
Room for improvement
The events never give you enough time to earn all the prizes. I have never once been able to earn the last prize and unless I spend a ton of real money to hatch my fish early there is no way possible for me to earn it. Also the decorations can't be moved between tanks. Some of the fish are way too expensive, it takes forever to get to the next level when you're at a higher level, and when I win fish when I spin, it's almost always a fish I already have. I'm disappointed that there are fish I can't buy too.
Rhonda Vaughn review Rhonda Vaughn
Fish Live
I have been playing this game for several years now and haven't had any problems with the game or the nice [email protected]; now when I did this last update I lost EVERYTHING I had worked so hard to acquire over all these years - I am really upset. I lost fish, fish cash, coins, decorations, my advanced levels and reputation level. I have e-mailed Canadadroid numerous times in regards to this problem and haven't received any information that works. What makes it so bad is that I didn't do anything wrong.
Lorrie Murphree review Lorrie Murphree
I had to do a factory reset on my phone. I had trouble syncing the game in Google Play which I had not ever done. The folks at Canada Droid were fantastic. The customer service was outstanding and all my fish (100 in one tank), money, coins, etc. we're exactly as they were prior to the reset. They even sent a personal message the fish time I opened the game. You can't get better customer service than that!
I can't get my own game help
harlene rosales review harlene rosales
nice game
I love my fishes ???❤
Karen Dannals review Karen Dannals
Cool game
Cool game
Chris Hoffer review Chris Hoffer
Ad box sucks
Was willing to live with the pop up ads that showed up about 6 months ago but the new video pop up box that showed up today that you will always accidentally tap on just pissed me off. Have had app for 3 years, have 550 million coins and 1900 cash on the line, but you just got too greedy with app ad money!! Screw it I am out!!!! And no events recently has been another bummer!!!
Venita Goldstein review Venita Goldstein
This game is so much fun to play! Tanks can be earned, decorated, changed, hsve decor moved around and new fish placed in tanks, switched around, & such cute graphics! Seasonal graphics are cute. This is a truly relaxing game. I can help friends through tasks & sending fish & decor.
Lee Xiao Xian review Lee Xiao Xian
needs update
please keep updating! i really need something new, so i don't easily getting bored :)
rebekah Meegan review rebekah Meegan
Lots of fun
My way to relax yet still get excited to see new babies and gain new levels in the game!
Anna Mae Martin review Anna Mae Martin
I love it thank u
Thank you so much !!! For the update i love it so much ...