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Lydia alverez Alvarez review Lydia alverez Alvarez
Love this app!
It's lots of fun and the aquariums are so cool and the fish are cute and colorful! Fun for all ages!
Christina Hinton
Love the game, but don't like that I now cannot clean ALL the tanks and feed ALL the fish.
Ann Curry review Ann Curry
Having fun so far,very cute! I think I'll like it. It doesn't allow enough moves on difficult levels, and boosters are wasted because they are always placed where they couldn't possibly do any good instead of giving you the option to use them where you want them.
Amy Updegraff review Amy Updegraff
Adorable, but...
Awesome graphics, cute fish however most levels are IMPOSSIBLE to pass without boosts which of course cost money to buy diamonds to get boosts. Been stuck on same level for days now & majority take no less than 3-5 days to get thru. Boo on that. Borrrrrring...
Adam Miller review Adam Miller
Worst game I've ever came across. Actively, blatantly cheats.
This game is geared toward Facebook. Many friends is the only way 2 get gems other than in app purchase. Been on the same level for 2 weeks now because I won't buy gems 4 power ups. Only level 29 of 900+ levels. If u pass a level, it's because u got lucky. Actively prevents wins. Uninstalling this garbage waste of time and money. Have more fun pushing a hoop with a stick down a dirt road. Money ripoff cheaters.
Lydia Penalbert review Lydia Penalbert
Lydia Penalbert
It's a lot of fun and I keep going back. I've enjoy playing this game.
Cheryl Campbell review Cheryl Campbell
I absolutely love this game. It's my favorite of all my games. I greatly enjoy the fact I get to accessorize the aquariums. I like that it has limited explosions. Not flashing and booming with every move like some match threes. I wish more of the fish and accessories were realistic though. Thanks for a great game.
Wei Shan Gao review Wei Shan Gao
PURE SCAM! Just want your $$'S
They got the algorithms set to make it very hard to pass each level. Set to take your money! My advice is don't play this game! Candy crush better! I gave it a real chance. I played it for just over a month! Got to level 26, after playing it 3-4 times per day the past 2 weeks, still couldn't beat it! I'm done & will remove it! I don't spend real money to play!
John Gribble review John Gribble
Cost way to much to play
Come on people give us some way to earn jewels they cost way to much to buy expressly when you need to use so many to complete a level there's no way to beat most of the levels with out using the jewels and is a major rip off you can't even finish a level without having to buy dimonds have one more expensive left to complete the level and you can't because you out of moves what a bunch of thieves money pigs
Elizabeth Reed review Elizabeth Reed
Fun, entertaining and addictive. Like building your own aquarium one fish and decoration at a time.
Angie Lemke review Angie Lemke
I liked aspects of the old version better...timed not limited moves and lives!
Kate Ford review Kate Ford
After playing this for so long, they just charge too much money and cheat players with unfair methods that gain them more money. My feelings on the facts of this game have NOT changed at all.
liz isaacs review liz isaacs
Good but since update...
Really like this game, but since update animation is not smooth. Hard to watch. Disappointed. Is it my device? Hope it gets better soon or I may have to uninstall.
Emely Marzan review Emely Marzan
I love the graphics, this game is so addictive and relaxing I enjoy decorating the tank,only thing is the decoration is too expensive.

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