Flashlight Compass with Sounds APK

Flashlight Compass with Sounds
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Flashlight Compass & sounds gives your device the essential kit for your hiking. It's not only a LED lighting tool, it is also a digital compass with high accuracy for your orientation, so you won't get lost on your adventures, hiking... And for those situations where you need more than just the flashlight and high accuracy compass, we've also included a Morse coder and emergency sounds. Strobe/blinking mode is also included. All these features for FREE and SIMPLE to use!

• Flashlight with a bright LED light

• Digital compass with high accuracy

• Adjustable strobe/blinking flashlight

• Alert sounds and some humourous sounds

• Morse code to send your message by flashlight blinking

• SOS blinking signal in case of emergency

• 5 differents customizables backgrounds

• Simple interface

This app relies on the magnetometer and accelerometer sensors of device so compass accuracy depend by your device. Hold your device flat, like a real compass and please check that your devices is in a place free of magnetic fields. If your device doesn’t have flash or magnenometer the app will not be able to work

Flashlight Compass with Sounds APK reviews

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puri saki review puri saki
Love it
Grant Young review Grant Young
Its a good app but why promote it its not DAT great at all I'm watching my wwe den dis rubbish pops up ebrty 30 seconds wtf. Like seriously it sux
Otancia Malcolm review Otancia Malcolm
Google keeps directing me to this app, I installed it hoping it would stop but it hasn't, please fix this problem, it's very frustrating.
Nastanzio Sydney Rajabu review Nastanzio Sydney Rajabu
The lights and sounds are working. But I haven't yet discovered how this application works. I just see the GPS indicator signals.
kuze hibiki review kuze hibiki
Faheem Butt review Faheem Butt
Just downloading for the survey completion, otherwise hated it.
Lamont Robinson Jr. review Lamont Robinson Jr.
Niceeeee app
Loved the alarm sound clips...especially the farting one...LOL
jacob blanco review jacob blanco
Does everything its Supposed to.
The Caller ID Is A Bit Intrusive. Take it off and It would be Flawless.
Anthony Carey review Anthony Carey
Anthony Carey
Seemed ok but not as bright as light already in my phone also was supposed to receive 6 coins for installing so uninstalling as they never paid up.. Avoid any offers with this app.
Spencer Cayer review Spencer Cayer
Good good one is what I need right now some come 2 for you to chm on me 2 minutes late I've never taken this morning but I didn't have a great day and I am not a guy I'm at the office dealing with that catastrophe
Evon Williams review Evon Williams
download for coins,..but..
I got this initially as a free coin app but have kept it because it is actually pretty good. The flashlight and compass is all on one area so no switching to get what you want. The extra sounds that are in the more section is funny enough for a laugh when you get bored. The chainsaw is funny to chase any one ??
Santos Delafuente review Santos Delafuente
Great app
All of these people who came for free pokemon coins are assholes. They don't leave legit reviews. All I wish for is to have multiple sounds at once. Other than that it's a great app
Darla M. review Darla M.
Doing for GrabPoints?
Use my sign up bonus for an extra 500 points. #PULFNH. This is pretty cool flashlight that includes calls info such as missed calls. You can also change looks by changing colors, patterns. A+
Jayden Meyer review Jayden Meyer
I'm just doing it for free stuff
I have a reward app and this was a thing to get points so I'm deleting it after I get my rewards
Myla C review Myla C
DL for free points & not going to keep. Does nothing but make noises & pirate your contacts list.