Flick Shoot (Soccer Football) APK

Flick Shoot (Soccer Football)
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Flick Shoot (Soccer Football) presents Android Users the most entertaining soccer (football) experience with impressive graphics and a realistic physics engine.

★ 7 different game modes: Arcade, Tournament, One Ball, Multiplayer, Time Attack, Goal Post, Targets, Wall Kick (Pro Only),
★ Improved graphics and playability
★ Realistic goal keeper animations and physics engine
★ Realistic kick and swerve controls
★ Highscore for each game mode

Playing football was never so fun! You will be amazed by how fun shooting freekicks will be with Flick Shoot (Soccer Football). Flick Shoot is Football at its finest!

Flick Shoot (Soccer Football) APK reviews

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Faraz Modi review Faraz Modi
Great game
Lot more addictive than any other free kick soccer game apps
Edwin Roman review Edwin Roman
Great free app
Good game with multiple modes. As already mentioned, it becomes repetitive after a while, but that's true of most games.
Connor Eadie review Connor Eadie
It's true it does get a bit boring after a while
Jonathan Gordon review Jonathan Gordon
Perfect Fitting Room Game
My wife's in the fitting room. Not enough time for chess, plenty of time to kick some goals.
David Babic review David Babic
David babic
I love this game because it is so cool and it is so amazing to me I will rate 5 stars ok good thank you see in a bit
Awesome game. Cool game for football lovers.
Need other tactical shots than goal kick.
Nycto MacNeil review Nycto MacNeil
Fun game....??
I discovered this game long after I played the sequel which I absolutely love. So naturally my opinion of this game is greatly affected by the comparison to FS2. But to rate this as if the sequel doesn't exist, I'd have to say its a great, well designed footy game. ( if anyone actually reads this; download Flick Shooter 2! Its awesome ?!)
Kareem Hany review Kareem Hany
This is a great little game while i can spend alot of tone playing it
Hemal Singh review Hemal Singh
Best soccer game you can play on ur phone
Loved this game very much
William Aleu review William Aleu
Number one in the world for all time
I'm really in love with this game . I can't get tired of playing it every time . It always reminded me about soccer I used to played couple years ago .
Micha Seitzinger review Micha Seitzinger
Good but not perfect
Bending the ball is not very reliable the same finger movement results in diffrent results...
Liv&Miles review Liv&Miles
Great game in every way except not keeping my score from time to time. Restart at 0 every time unless I use my google+. I dont like that. Otherwise its frickin rad for the kids and myself
Michael Murphy review Michael Murphy
Quick games. Easy to play, even at work. This is a fun one!
Nthabiseng Mokoena review Nthabiseng Mokoena
B€$T [email protected]€ €V€R
I love this cool & inteligent game best game in playstore
Ezekiel Trevino review Ezekiel Trevino
Good but boring
Really good game but its soooooo boring