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Browse thousands of weekly ads and circulars digitally with the Flipp app, and find deals from over 2000 stores including Walmart, Dollar General, Walgreens and more. Flipp makes it easy to save money on groceries, pharmacy, and other household essentials.

Download the Flipp app for free and see what’s on sale this week at stores near you.

Here’s what our users love about Flipp:

- Local deals, always up to date
No need to wait for paper ads to arrive in the mail. With Flipp, your weekly ads arrive on time, on the app. Flipp uses your location to find deals from stores near you — so you’re always getting relevant and dependable information.

- Wide variety of content
In addition to weekly grocery deals, Flipp finds you deals on pharmacy, home & garden, electronics, pet supplies, and more.

- Quickly search for what you need
Flipp’s powerful search feature quickly scans all available weekly ads to tell you where you can get the items you need on sale. You can also search for stores to find a retailer’s weekly ad right when you need it.

- Save deals by clipping
See a deal you like? Simply clip the deal to your shopping list, and come back to it later when you need it.

- Add favorites
Add stores to your favorites to access your frequent weekly ads from one convenient tab.

- Stay organized with your shopping list
We always have our phones on hand these days, so why not use the in-app shopping list to keep track of items you need? The Flipp shopping list will scan all available weekly ads, and find you offers for the items on your list.

- See what’s trending
Never miss out on a hot deal. Check out the Deals tab to see the top trending deals in your area.

- Save with friends
Find something on Flipp that’s too good to keep to yourself? Share deals and coupons with friends and family. You can also share your shopping list with your shopping partner to keep track of the items you need, together.

- All your loyalty cards in one place
Never miss out on your loyalty points and rewards. Add your store loyalty cards to your Flipp app to quickly access your cards during checkout.

- Load digital coupons
Conveniently browse coupons by store, and load coupons to your loyalty cards to save big. Flipp will tell you about available coupon matchups that can be combined with in-store offers to maximize your savings.

Download the Flipp app now to start saving on your weekly shopping!

Have any questions or suggestions? Contact us at flipp.force.com

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Flipp - Weekly Shopping APK reviews

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Janice Masson review Janice Masson
Great app. So handy.
Tracey Lafontaine review Tracey Lafontaine
Everything else about this application is awesome good. I just uninstalled the app and now uploading it again. because for some reason in the last 2 days it freezes when i try to close the app. All my apps are working fine from a data transfer to my new smartphone. But this one is bugging out!?! Very odd. Hopefully the new install will function well.
Brigitte Laskowski review Brigitte Laskowski
Flipp needs to update to Android Oreo 8.1. Can not look at items after searching for items or choose to place them in my grocery list from flyers or search list. To gain 5 stars, please make the coupons scannable via store scanners. Many stores scan the paper coupons, so why not make online coupons scannable?!?
Jim Nagy review Jim Nagy
I like the app and most things about it, making it a five star app, however I can't use it to go shopping as I don`t have data with my tablet and without a connection to the internet much of the information is not available (i.e. in the store. This limits its usefulness to me
Cathy March review Cathy March
Since they upgraded last mth w/ a pre-installed "Shopping List", I cannot add Any items of my own choosing to my list. I've attempted to contact them... Lol... but that feature's busted, too, it seems (because there's been no reply. Zip.) Sad when a good app goes sour due to something as vital as functioning technology & good customer service!
Rob Hern review Rob Hern
Search Flyer doesn't correctly. You can put something simple like eggs too see who has the best deal, but the search doesn't identify all of the grocery ads. Also, when you ask for a store ads to be added they don't respond to your request.
Daisy Pinky review Daisy Pinky
Publix is a very popular supermarket in my area and even though I've requested it many times it's never added. Other than that it's really nice.
Jenni Doyle review Jenni Doyle
It's okay, I just wish when I cleared the app from my notifications bar, it would stay cleared. Better yet, if it didn't notify at all. I sent an email to find out how to stop it, the reply did not work. I am usually able to remedy issues on my phone, but not with this app. Aside from that, it's handy for store ads.
Deborah Pack review Deborah Pack
I love the app, I use it all the time.. the ONLY thing MISSING is that it used to show my Tom Thumb & Albertsons stores, and now it doesn't anymore. Not sure why, my zip code is correct & theres an Albertsons not far from me
Stephanie Wesley review Stephanie Wesley
Doesn't work!
What happened, always worked and now with both my very strong Internet and wifi services it won't connect. Says network problems, try again soon.. I'vE UN installed, re installed, rebooted phone over n over. I have a new phone too. Always used this all with no problems until now.. VERY VERY FRUSTRATING... PLEASE FIX ASAP!
Garrett Hendry review Garrett Hendry
This app has amazing potential, but until it supports mobile printing there is no point in having it. It sends coupons to your email and you have to follow several links on a computer just to print. No thank you, they claim to be an app for phones but can't print from a mobile. Try again.
Nalli C review Nalli C
This was the best app ever until the new update. Why did you remove the clipping section???? Thank you for your prompt reply. It makes perfect sense moving it under "Shopping". I have definitely updated my rating!!! Thanks again
Love the app. Its very reliable, and easy to use. Just one minor issue I have. When I try zooming in the letters are very blurry. But other than that it comes in very useful.
Areli Arias review Areli Arias
Not great for everyone
I think is okay for those who have loyalty cards at every single store. Since i dont have loyalty cards everywhere it doesnt let me save the coupons and i wanted to use them for price matching at my local store, but oh well, un installing :/
Gator Dragodon review Gator Dragodon
Great app, at the very least, it works for me! In a nutshell, it's your local store flyers in one convenient package. Easy to use, easy to learn, and anyone of any age should use it. I wish I had this when I was younger.