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Daniece Kims review Daniece Kims
Installed app and it keeps giving me an error message. Can not even get started. "Error occurred while fetching flyers. Please try again"
Tammy Slezak review Tammy Slezak
Wont fetch flyers
When it works its great
Ashley Paterson review Ashley Paterson
Until today when I went on and it's all old flyers. Won't refresh!!!!
Tamika Smith review Tamika Smith
Was great
Loved this app but now I can't get it to load new ads or even find local ads. Hopefully this will get fixed.
ML Cezar review ML Cezar
I think it is a very useful and fantastic app. It just need few bug fixes but overall its good. I highly recommend this app to everyone! Enjoy your shopping discounts! Cheers.
Bella Monet' review Bella Monet'
Fix it
Keeps giving error message not loading new flyers... Was working fine
Felicia Simmons review Felicia Simmons
Just installed. Just uninstalled.
The app kept giving me an error when I entered my zip code. Unstalled.
Kristina Beaver review Kristina Beaver
Having issues
I normally love this app but it will not load any flyers this morning and this sucks.
Tatertot Bundle review Tatertot Bundle
Great app
High reusability and practical smart interface.
Lisa Gallagher review Lisa Gallagher
It worked now it doesn't
It was great now this morning it won't load. So disappointed
Christine Smith review Christine Smith
Love the concept but no access
It gets to the screen where I enter my zip code and I get an error.
Shelly Colson review Shelly Colson
Says error
Wont even open with zipcode at all :(
Maria Rodriguez review Maria Rodriguez
I love it
Brenda Williams review Brenda Williams
I always shop at Kroger
Love it
Mahlon Powell review Mahlon Powell
Loved it makes shopping easier