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fLux aims to bring your the perfect synchronization between your Hue lightbulbs and Spotify.

What makes fLux unique is that it uses and combines the possibilities offered by the entertainment areas from Philips Hue with the very detailed analysis about the track being played by Spotify.
It allows fLux to achieve (in ideal conditions) perfect sync between the lighting and the sound as well as multiple other things.

You need three things for that :
- the Spotify app installed on the same device as fLux
- colored Hue lights with a bridge v2 and an entertainment area already created
- being connected to Internet

Then, connect to Spotify, select your entertainment area and hit Play!
You can:
- choose between multiple colors' schemes (only 3 in the free version),
- select the order in which lights are gonna be played
- adjust the flashiness
- select when all lights should play a sound
- filter out sounds depending on their loudness or length
- attribute specific sounds to specific lights

Note that while most of the settings above are "premium", there are no specific limitations in the free version, it is completely usable with all your lights! But the default settings might not be the best for every taste and every kind of music.

In all cases, I hope you'll enjoy fLux!

ps: there will be frequent updates with new color palettes, various improvements,...

ps2: crash known on Moto X Play (Android 7.1.1) occuring when hitting the "Play" button, will investigate.