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michael harris review michael harris
For every one getting the failed to detect, stop blaming this app for not being g able to cheat. BLAME ANDROID, I'm sure all of you have recently had a system update, if you read what you download before hand you would have seen they have a patch that reports fake location. Untill this app can find a work around, I'm sure they will, they have every update so far. Be patient.
chris swinson review chris swinson
I really hope someone is reading my comments it won't work any more due to my phones update. Need help around this soon cus I love the app. I play all the time will keep it as long as it don't take forever to be able to use it. Been checking everyday to see if it work still waiting. I requested it to many other players that I play with as well.
Victoria Lovett review Victoria Lovett
Fix the ass backward joystick and it would be perfect. otherwise its frustrating as hell to direct your character. Up should be straight ahead, down should be turn around....etc. otherwise you just end up walking in frustrating circles, between almost constant.glitching
Anna Over review Anna Over
Well updated my review. Going to unistall this app. FOUND AN APP I CAN PLAY POKEMON! An app with barely any downloads. Figure that one out. Withot failed to detect location. Ya sure not same but at least i caught some rare pokemon in different countries. can't battle gyms yet and have to keep going on but HEY I'm playing yaaa!!!
Brandon Hollaway review Brandon Hollaway
To you people complaining about not being able to hit pokestops/Pokemon running away/and soft bans.. Go to a Pokestop. Spin the circle as you would normally. Close. Re-open and spin. Repeat this about 20 or so times to remove soft bans. When you get items, you're good to go. Also if you keep bouncing between spoofed and normal location, check and make sure you aren't on WiFi (use data) and check location settings.
Rainey Porterfield review Rainey Porterfield
For those with rubberbanding, I suggest you use tin foil on the back of your phone. I have mine between my phone and case and I don't get soft banned. Hopefully I'll be back to spoofing with this app!
Duc Truong review Duc Truong
It works nice for me.
The app works on Nexus 6p Nougat, however there are little buggy which is jumping location back and forward to curently location. Also I hope it will support in English. Sometimes, it shows Korean for something that i have no idea.
Sh4feeqerz Danial review Sh4feeqerz Danial
Guys, please make this work for Android versions before 6.0
I tried it, it works fine. But the only issue is that i can't play it in my Note 3, which runs on 5.0. Could you guys please help a brother out, and make it work for Android 5.0? Would appreciate it
Andrew B review Andrew B
Works perfectly with my s6
Best app for pokemon go no ban yet keep up the good work you need a new Android phone to use this app I phones suck won't work for u scrubs
Freddie Morales review Freddie Morales
No Pokestop spin. Soft Ban
Great app. People complaining about spinning Pokestop and no rewards, no fights in gyms and Pokemons go away. Is not this app fault. Is that you got soft banned from the game by Niantic. It happen. The app is amazing.
Neelan Narayan review Neelan Narayan
5 mins into the Pokémon go app using this to fake my location, u might get banned, you can't obtain anything from pokestops every Pokémon will run away. I got soft banned don't know for how long, can someone tell me the drawing of the ban,great app.
Cesar Lopez review Cesar Lopez
Gps service pokemon option dissapeared
Gps service pokemon option dissapeared? After I pick location it doesn't come up anymore how do I fix?
Jennifer Melling review Jennifer Melling
Joystick back in new update, people give flygps your love back. It's still a bit glitchy but it's back and that's all that matters ;-)
Stephanie Reacts review Stephanie Reacts
Joystick ?
How can I change version of this app to get the joystick ? back yous had it before to change version but now I can't find it grr so I mark u 2 stars for the stupid update
It keeps saying "flygps isn't responding please try again"