Flying Submarine Car Simulator APK

<span >Flying Submarine Car Simulator</span>

Flying Submarine Car Simulator APK reviews

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TrollFace Guy review TrollFace Guy
Won't go into the water
I can do everything else but going under water
Teresa Brown review Teresa Brown
Awesome game
Mages Rao review Mages Rao
A lokw
creeperboy 5000 review creeperboy 5000
Good but
The ads a bretty bad.... I just ternd off my wifi
Thunder Scalf review Thunder Scalf
This app is bad the controls are horrible and you cant even fly but it is fun for the first 5 minutes but it is definetly not worth the download
Rhys Marchant review Rhys Marchant
It couldn't of been made better
Nikhal Dore review Nikhal Dore
Hate it
When I touch a fish starts a add
Jarrah Watson review Jarrah Watson
Pretty good
Controls are pretty annoying
Logan Boutcher review Logan Boutcher
I love the game
Zain Nortje review Zain Nortje
Paresh Mohan review Paresh Mohan