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Aq Uib review Aq Uib
Finally found
Finally found a unlimited unollowers app.. it's so amazing.. loved it
Dustin Carlson review Dustin Carlson
I'm using the app on an extra phone at home without a sim card so I don't eat through my data. Most recent updata allows it to turn off my wifi. When it does it basically disables everything since I don't have data. Please switch this back.
Camillo review Camillo
Works good
It does what it needs to do, and it does it well.
Mike Mawson review Mike Mawson
It works well, but all of a sudden I cant login to the app.
Sarah Pack review Sarah Pack
I like it, but...
The new update is not working. I have paid for the "like" option. But today when the update hit, it changed it to "follow" and I do not want it. I follow certain types of accounts, and the automated feature does not follow what I want. But I prefer the "like" feature. I had to uninstall and reinstall to get it to stop. The developer did reply within minutes of this review, and is going to try to fix the situation. It is much appreciated. Thank you.
Rayyan Raza review Rayyan Raza
Awesome app...finally found an app after two years which does exactly as i want it to do. Just hope my account would not be banned...
Adhitama Alfine review Adhitama Alfine
Excellent work for you. Very useful app. Thx Andrey!
Devon Wharton review Devon Wharton
Perfect app does exactly what it says I would give it 10 Stars
this app so useful !
Mo Carlson review Mo Carlson
This is my favorite app to help manage Instagram followers. It does not bother the user with unrelenting pop-ups and ads like other similar apps. It is very easy to use and has a clean interface. I love it. I would easily give it 5 stars had I not run into a data reporting glitch in 2 of the categories that has not been resolved yet. I hope this will be taken care of so I can again enjoy this app 100%. It is a the best app in the Playstore, when you want to get info on 1.who follows you, 2. who unfollowed you, 3.who does not follow you, 4.who you do not follow back, and 5. whom you whitelisted, as well as just the daily numbers of those categories. Check it out!!!
Sukhesh Arora review Sukhesh Arora
Wonderful app. Really useful. Probably the best of its type. Ad free! Dev is quick to respond.
Shaun Smith review Shaun Smith
Not as simple and headache free as the last version, but still the best in the play store
adarsh haibatti review adarsh haibatti
Very nice app with quck unfollow feature
Xander H review Xander H
It has this super great feature that helps you unfollow people that you follow that don't follow you. You can unfollow then 200 at a time. It is my favorite feature.
App is cool and helpful to a great extent. Thanks to the developer👍