Foosball Cup APK

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Realistic and stylish, fast-paced foosball game. Improve your skills. Become the champion among all nations! Compete with friends in the challenging hot-seat mode.


Dynamic game play.
Highly responsive controls.
Realistic physics.
Variety of table sizes to play on.
Player formation selection.
Play versus AI.
Share the fun playing with friends and family on your device.
Multiple difficulty settings.
Tournament play.
Realistic 3D HD graphics.
Quick to learn and hard to master!
Variety of international teams:
Argentina, Australia, Brazil, Bulgaria, Canada, China, England, France, Germany, India, Italy, Japan, Malaysia, Mexico, Netherlands, Poland, Portugal, RSA, Russia, Saudi Arabia, South Korea, Spain, Turkey, Ukraine, USA
Pocket Change integration.

Ludus Studio is the developer name behind great games like: Stack the Balls, Foosball Cup, Foosball Cup World, Stop the Robots, and more...

Foosball Cup APK reviews

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Shot Creator Master review Shot Creator Master
I didn't understand any part of scoring, cause I can't if every time it always goes backwards and I end up scoring on myself. Can you make tutorials on how to play? If so, I maybe rate 5 if it is helpful to understand. I know how to play in real life, but it's confusing on here.
Alex Miranda review Alex Miranda
It's OK but it is kind of confusing but it's fun to play
Jane Banuelos review Jane Banuelos
This game is fun to play I love playing it Im preety good now
Shivali Sharma review Shivali Sharma
I loved it
khawar hussain review khawar hussain
Amazing game loved it
Ivan Angelov review Ivan Angelov
Sweety Lohia review Sweety Lohia
Abhishek Shetty review Abhishek Shetty
Good game, but please add multiplayer game and in tournament add little more levels. Please add one more difficulty level and change the table look. At least give option to choose.
Gbenga olorunsiwa review Gbenga olorunsiwa
Play this game at least twice everyday. Please add more levels. Make my opponent more difficult to beat.
Luke Stephens review Luke Stephens
Thanks for the waste of data downloading this crap.
A Google user review A Google user
Table only contains 3 rods each side . It must be 4 .
Azhan Afsar review Azhan Afsar
You can on options google user
Shravan Kumar review Shravan Kumar
Why this process is running in background
Hi.. It is a nice game application. But y it is running in background continuously as chatting or retail application.
Michael Cortes review Michael Cortes
Runs when I closed the app
It runs on the background. I can literally record Netflix on the Galaxy S7 with the game laucher. It also waste a lot of battery.
Wayne Callahand review Wayne Callahand
Table soccer