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Forces of Freedom (Early Access)
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EARLY ACCESS/CORE GAMEPLAY VERSION - help us make the tactical, team based infantry combat game that you will play for years. Think “BLITZ meets SOCOM” or a slower paced CS with authentic soldiers.

Fight in tactical real time 5v5 multiplayer combat- playable in 4 minute coffee break sessions. Choose among three different classes.

This Early Access version contains 11 heroes and 4 maps. We are continuously updating the game and we are in constant dialogue with our players - we are making a game for you, not “just” for us.

FEATURE OVERVIEW (constantly expanding - this game will never be “done”)
- Choose among three different classes - Sniper, Rifleman and Scout (more to come…)
- Master 11 Heroes and their distinct playstyle (more to come…)
- Explore five different maps - inspired by real life battlefields
- Take down the enemy or capture the flag for victory
- Rise in the Daily/Weekly/Monthly Leaderboards
- Equip your Hero or weapon with different skins to express yourself
- Team up: join a battle side by side with your friends with the FireTeam feature

We care about our players. Make yourselves heard, leave a review and join the conversations on:

See you on the battlefield!

Greetings from everyone at BRAVOCOMPANY

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Veron Black review Veron Black
The overall concept is good but lacks a bit of control thing, its either u shoot and move or shoot and aim, other than that the snipers are more of winner is the one that gets the first shot... Which is kind of lame and doesn't leave any chances for a comeback. Make the firing button aim when holding and moving it makes it easier for short range combat. Also add a stable zoom with an optic lense that can zoom in and out
Arghya Ghosh review Arghya Ghosh
Overall this is very good game but few things have to be added. If you add a LAN-WiFi mode it will be great. Next you can add facebook or other social media connected mode through which our local friends can fight with other groups of friend around the world. If you can add these to this game,it will be the best fps game in the world. I am hoping for the final version of this game with these features. Thank you...
A Google user review A Google user
1. Its using more data than the every online games 2. Get more ammo and weapons . 3.give help or chat with other team player own members 4. Reswam more members in team 5.give more accuracy to sniper . 6. Make friend circle to other member to attaching with them 7. Give custom control with their size limitation . as the need . That's all Ty keep trying to get the best result.
Atreo Bhattacharjee review Atreo Bhattacharjee
This game is great. But there are few things which can be improved. Adding more maps, develop the commands. Right now the commands which are there are really not helpful. Best thing would be if you guys can introduce a little chat or voice communication amongst the team mates. Another thing which I think should get upgraded that is the weaponry. I've really enjoyed this game so far. It is the best 5v5 I've ever played.
Christopher Johnson review Christopher Johnson
Game is a lot of fun to play but the speed of the moving character is too slow. I enjoyed the game, lots of fun like I said. The game is only in early access so the game is not fully complete. EG: the soldiers are not fully complete in categories and many other things. DON'T GET BUMBED OUT, YOU CAN STILL FIGHT. The tutorial is exactly to point and so is the combat.
Hélio Júnior review Hélio Júnior
Great game, probably the best TPS I ever played on this platform, perhaps it could be improved by making the controls more customizable than it already is but it's not a big deal. I can hardly wait to see new soldiers, shop and everything. Also, I'd like to change my nickname but everytime I try it keeps saying "invalid nickname" can you fix this?
Subhakumar Naorem review Subhakumar Naorem
I Love this Game...This is my current favoutite game.. It is a Time killing game... I like it a lot BUT it would be better if the movement is improved a little bit and if we can unlock the other soldiers.... And please put a Chatting and emojis options.... ONE more thing - Make us able to choose which stage to play.... and Make more Stages..... like Artic region, Dessert, etc...
Anerevol review Anerevol
I love it all, but the controls are hard. Can you like make it more easy to control? I respect your answer, for this. But overall the game is good! The graphics is smooth love it so much, Gameplay also is unbelievable! You guys have done a great work to this game, I appreciate all of your efforts just to make the game more loveable for us. GREAT WORK. I salute you for this. Can't wait for the full release of this! So hype.
Aniruddh Yadav review Aniruddh Yadav
One of the best Shooting game..... Its awesome. If its early access is this cool then obviously full game will be awesome. Can't wait for it. Only problems i see are 1. the movement speed is low. 2. Also even after true aim sometimes the bullet don't affect the enemy. Look into it plz... Except it. Amazimg game ???
Khan loned review Khan loned
SW: Too early but try this great app with fair plays and Roles. Hope there will be new maps, more detail settings, better controls to communicate with team. This is a team app not shoot out. Few adjustment for fog war, duration of flag capture and more ways to get around would be great. So far thumbs up great job BravoC.LtD
Ikhsan Fawzi review Ikhsan Fawzi
BEST TACTICAL COMBAT 5 V 5 REAL TIME EVER!!! Honestly when i play this game for the first time, in think this game need more improvements like the graphic and gameplay. BUT when i play battle with real enemy ( player ) i changed my mind. THIS GAME SO ADDICTIVE!!. IT FEELS LIKE IAM AN ARMY AND THIS IS WAR. GOOD GAME I appreciate this game. And pls i need more soldier iknow this game currently in early access but plss ^_^. And add ranked and clun system. Oh 1 more pls the walk need speed ^_^.
Jacameah G review Jacameah G
I like this game before the last update. After that horrible update I was so disappointed because the sniper moves so slow like a crawling snail. And the accuracy and damage inflicted by sniper rifle decreased a lot, it's really a disadvantage to use a sniper in this version. Please add a secondary weapon like pistols ang health kit. You also have a very unfair matching of the team,my opponent was all ranked commander while my teammates are all newbies. I don't know why I always belong to the losing team,we always have members without internet connection. Fix the accuracy of the sniper rifle!
Mike Freedman review Mike Freedman
The direction they are trying to go is great but it is very slow on response with controls and the fact that you can't respond kind of makes it boring and aggravating when you're doing really well and your game is over. I think with updated controls it'll be a lot smoother it would also be nice to upgrade weapons and change weapons packages
Janet Pitman review Janet Pitman
Well a few things can be added first more maps second secondary guns like 44 Magnum or a 22 50 sniper or a 33 lever action gun and third gernads! Plz anyway it's a great game and I LOVE IT ????
Mark Juner review Mark Juner
Game is good but lack of elements. Cant name all but ill name some few. Friends, Party, Chat, Aiming (sometimes even you aim at his head you cant even shot him head nor his body), change aiming graphics for every diffent weapon it would add some reality, costumation for weapons. Well its Early Access so i will be waiting for the official release. Please make this game more fun