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Forest Travel Fairy Tale
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Welcome to Forest Travel Fairy Tale experience with our little fairy tale hood. Enjoy a happy forest travel with fruits swipe match 3 games inside of it. Rescue all forest animals and fantasy objects in the magical valley deep in the woods. It’s quite a journey to finish this challenging puzzle adventure, but you can do it with some crazy fairy frenzy and overcome any addicting challenge. Play now the next success from the makers of ‘solitaire dream forest’ and ‘frozen fairy’. Have fun!

Your task in this magical valley is to succeed the journey full of challenging puzzle adventure match 3 games with fruits swipe tactics. Several food, flowers and objects are able to swap and switch so you can rescue all forest animals. The happy forest travel is great to experience. Just match 3 or more for the hood of our little fairy tale; she can do real fairy frenzy stuff! She’ll help you out.

Experience the forest animals like they are in ‘solitaire dream forest’ and get help from the fairy frenzy like in ‘frozen fairy’. This challenging puzzle adventure is perfect way to reach the end of the magical valley but will never end this endless happy forest travel journey.

● Amazingly colorful wonderland with lots of challenging puzzle adventure levels

● Journey to rescue forest animals as addicting challenge with fruits swipe actions

● Super match 3 games in the fantasy magical valley of the fairy tale

● Use fairy frenzy gameplay to reach the highest scores for the hood

● Enjoy the happy forest travel journey with lots of fantasy addicting challenge

Come and play the new game from the makers of ‘solitaire dream forest’ and ‘frozen fairy’. Help the hood to rescue forest animals and write your own fairy tale fantasy. Reach the end of the magical valley with fairy frenzy tactics or fruits swipe gameplay. This match 3 games is one of the most challenging puzzle adventure stories ever had.

Download, start and experience the most fun moments in forest travel fairy tale!

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Forest Travel Fairy Tale APK reviews

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Pretty cool game
Gladys Passwaters review Gladys Passwaters
Great game. Challenging levels. Love it
Betty Whiteside review Betty Whiteside
Liked it until every other Level got STUCK?.
Gladys Belcher review Gladys Belcher
It's OK
I reached level 111 and this one is in possible to pass without some type of help. I will only give it a few more try's before calling it quits. Out of all those levels only 2 were diffcult to pass and my son helped me pass the last one.
Ann Leong review Ann Leong
Graphics needs improvement
I'm only at the first few levels & i have problem differentiating which particular few spots I've to clear
Michael Horath review Michael Horath
Get off me South
Veronica Darnell review Veronica Darnell
I love it so addictive, only one fault it runs itself and you don't get to control moves. I like to work out my moves. Keep up the good work I love these type of game es
Mary Harvey review Mary Harvey
Forest travel fairy tale
I like this game. However it's hard to see the grass because it blends in with the background. Making it difficult to know where they are.
Gail Fulton review Gail Fulton
Cant see it.
I like the graphics, but I can't see the grass! That's too frustrating so I'm uninstalling. Get rid of the grass and I'll be back in a flash!
Tammie Bergeron review Tammie Bergeron
How can anyone see where the grass is suppose to be broken?? I installed this game maybe one hour ago but now uninstalling it!
Deanna Moore review Deanna Moore
Would be nice if it took and use the picture and the parts of the game that I'm playing and not using parts of the other gay men what two games are cross matching are crossing over
Ravennah Black review Ravennah Black
Impossible to see the grass
I'm levels where you remove all the grass making it virtually impossible.
Caroline marcroft review Caroline marcroft
Good app
I like this app so far.
David Ingham review David Ingham
Forest travel fair
Not worth a comment