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Fotor is an all-in-one photo editing and image licensing platform where amateur and professional photographers can monetize on their shots.

Fotor "Events"
Gain exposure and be rewarded with Events, introducing weekly photo contests hosted by Fotor or world’s leading brands, such as Uber, Ctrip, Sichuan Airlines, etc.

Fotor allows the enthusiast of all levels the opportunity to win prizes, profits and fame!

Photo Licensing
Licensing your photos to PxBee which is a stock photo marketplace connecting the creative community of Fotor.

Join PxBee and start making money through your photos. Providing breathtaking photographs, licensed for use in multiple projects such as web design, printed materials and commercial displays.

Photo Editor
Considered the ‘Photoshop lite’ by the BBC, Fotor photo editor enables an easy-to-use while professional image processing experience.

A massive range of updated Photo effects and filters, allowing you to simulate an almost unlimited number of styles, including: Film, Vintage, B&W, Kaleidoscope, etc.

Up to 10 completely customizable ‘Edit’ functions, Fotor photo editor allows you to all forms of editing, from minute ‘touch ups’ to extensive images changes.

The ‘Enhance’ function, complete with ‘slide on screen’ capability, allows for rapid adjustments in in details and gradation.

Different photo collage template styles such as Classic & Magazine collage templates, making your images into art by collage way.

Weekly updated stickers, borders for pictures, photo stitch, photo frames, photo filters and fonts will ensure a fresh new design for every day of the week!


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Fotor Photo Editor - Photo Collage & Photo Effects APK reviews

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Danny Clower review Danny Clower
Great app
Amber M review Amber M
Simply Brilliant! I use this app to enhance and add text to my product review photos and it is just amazing. So many features, it is just brilliant. I actually don't get the intrusive advertising that some reviewers have talked about, it's a normal amount, but never bothersome or distracting. I think the ads are quite minimal to be honest. Edit: There is one tiny thing that would make Text Inserting easier, to have the outline turn blue when it is centered, it's hard to get the text perfectly straight horizontally sometimes.
Tonya Lopez review Tonya Lopez
Best that I have came across. I use it to beef up my resume so I dont have to write another one this lets me chop it up and decorate for pep... P.S. if you can fix my blurred photos no matter what they are to the best of your skills in privacy i would pay for that. I would like to know what certain persons are up to cant make it out clearly so were still slightly cohabiting on and off. I need to beef up my skills. But the more i try this app the more i get, i will be a pro one day. Thanks.....
Tricia Larese review Tricia Larese
This latest update, where a huge ad comes up over most of the screen every time I save my edits to a photo and where I have to click again before I can move on to my next photo to edit, is an extremely annoying change. I understand that this app needs ad revenue but I'm sure there is a way you can do it that is less obtrusive. I would even be willing to pay for an ad-free version, but right now I'm looking around to see if I can find something of similar quality and features. Or, hopefully this will change. I really did like it before.
High quality effects and low loss edits, unlike the poor default photo editing apps in android. I use it a lot!
Yervand Akelian review Yervand Akelian
The best photo editing app hands down. It makes the worst photos look amazing with a couple of touches. Love the app!
Geovanni Ortiz Villafane review Geovanni Ortiz Villafane
I have used this app for a long time. I post poetry on top of photos and backgrounds. Now that they've updated it, you can't shrink the text to fit unless you do it manually. For what! Line spacing and letter spacing. I used to do cool designs by overlapping the text using an assortment of colors. Which you can't do now. It gave the text some depth and matched it up with the background. Truly sad! End of an era, time to find a new app. You'll be missed.
Squishy Walnuts review Squishy Walnuts
Best free editing app
There are some ads but it doesn't distract from the many features. Great app!
Simon Thomas review Simon Thomas
Love the available options; though many will never be used. Works well in support of Snapseed. Until it's possible buy and use all options it is lacking in essential filters. HDR is no longer a "filter" but an essential feature. There's never an event available to join and unlock the option.
JP Downeast review JP Downeast
Love it! Awesome editor!
Why only 4? Because I can't save any pics! Working on it, will give a Happy 5 stars when I can save! :)
I just got this app and my first edit had so many different effects that you could do to it! I really recommend it! :D
Glenn Rollins review Glenn Rollins
One Photo Editor To Rule Them All
This is the best photo editor, out of the 10ish I tried & the only one I use! Disclaimer: I am a very basic photo editor.
It used to be brilliant. Old problem of editing reducing the file size is back, no option to charge this either
Darshan Yagnik review Darshan Yagnik
Rellly boring
Very limited options to generate collage.
Wildan Zarief review Wildan Zarief
Thank you so much Everimaging Ltd. for bringing this app to the platform. After few days of using it, I get to edit my photos very swiftly, easily and professionally. The tools provided are pretty straight forward and intuitive. I feel like anyone can use this app. Keep up the good performance. I hope sometime in the future you'll add the feature of split toning in the app for advanced editing.