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Version 1.2.1
Developer yardco
Category Apps, Books & Reference
ID org.ycore.FrameFighter_UMVC3_demo
Requirements 2.2 and up

Frame Fighter: UMvC3 Demo 1.2.1 APK description

The demo lets you pick from a partial roster of characters. (the first 25 characters in alphabetical order)

Also, email before writing a negative review please :/ it doesn't help anyone if you just say "it does't work." We don't own every android device in the world and the app works fine on the few that we do own (including the emulator). Also this is only tested with android versions 2.2 and above.

The best players don’t play purely on instinct. They explore the mathematical advantage of comparing frame data between characters, and exploit the weaknesses they find. Frame Fighter: UMVC3 edition is a professional's tool, designed to elevate your Ultimate Marvel vs Capcom 3 fighting game to the next level.

Frame Fighter isn't just a guide: it lets you actively compare moves between characters instead of just viewing movelists like other apps!

New experimental xfactor calculations have been added to advantage block frame data for values between -3 and -13. Anything above -3 is already safe from any special/normal so nothing was modified for those values. Xfactor doesn't seem to affect startup at all surprisingly enough. When moves are sped up by xfactor, it's the active frames and recovery that get modified making the moves seem faster and allows for infinites.

Build your team and your opponent's team, swipe up and down to view move lists, tap a move for details, swipe left or right to directly compare your move againt your opponent's.

Move lists include frame data, commands, and special properties.

Find out which moves you can punish, and which moves will be punished!

What is frame data?
Moves in fighting games are measured very specifically using frames. UMVC3 runs at 60 frames per second, meaning that each frame is 1/60th of a second. A move that takes 10 frames to execute, will take 10/60ths (1/6th) of a second to activate and deal damage.

Compare Startup, Recovery and Advantage on Block measurements.

Startup - the time it takes for a move to become active (able to deal damage)

Recovery - the time it takes a move to recover (ie do another action) after missing an opponent completely.

Advantage on Block - the number of frames you or your opponents are locked once the attack is blocked. Sometimes this number is long enough where your opponent can attack you before you can even block again!

Note: This application is designed to describe moves and frame data for Ultimate Marvel vs Capcom 3. Not to be taken orally.
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Latest change log:

- now more characters for the demo!
- added sorting options
- optimized the back end a little so after the first load, it should be much faster on start up
- fixed a few property errors for some characters
- various other little bug fixes

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Version Arch OS Updated
1.2.1 (2 variants) Universial Android 2.2+ 2021-08-01 (1 month ago)