Freelance Simulator: Game Developer Edition APK

Freelance Simulator: Game Developer Edition
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A sandbox game in which you will be in the role of a freelancer and go all the way from development of your skills to creation a multi-million dollar corporation.

In the early stages of the game you will take simple contracts, develop your skills, monitor the health of your character. As for the late stages - you will create your team and start your own projects which will help you to succeed in your life.

- Monitor your character's health, buy food and medicines
- Update your room and install applications for the work of your freelancer
- Improve skills of your character to create better projects
- Perform contracts, create your own projects, work with marketing and fan base
- Create a team and make projects faster
- Visit the city to buy a business, to have a relationship with a girl
- All this and much more in Freelancer Tycoon: Premium Edition!

- A fascinating sandbox simulator for your smartphone or tablet!
- A lot of possibilities to improving your character and passing the game
- Nice minimalistic graphics

This is a premium-edition. No ads!

Freelance Simulator: Game Developer Edition APK reviews

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Richard Ward review Richard Ward
Biggest complaint is how easy you can burn through a Hackathon accidentally. I was tapping my avatar to burn through a contract right when Hackathon started. Due to the controls bring at the same place as my avatar, I lost the hackathon before I even realized what happened.
Tristan Reynolds review Tristan Reynolds
everytime I go to play it kicks me out of the game about 30 to 40 seconds after opening.
Aakarsh Gupta review Aakarsh Gupta
Nice game. Decent graphics & soundtracks. The only issue i faced is the game is getting laggy after half an hour of gameplay.
Andy Jones review Andy Jones
They say first impressions are everything, a saying this developer should have paid heed to. The grammar in this game is terrible, clearly the work of someone who only has a basic grasp of the English language. Gameplay is slow right from the get go. There is little in the way of a tutorial, just a bunch of text for you to read initially giving you information on what each button does, but nothing past that. It's a shame really. It has the premise of a pretty great life sim type game, with a clean art style and interesting game mechanics. If the developer reads this, I have a message. Work on implementing some sort of basic tutorial, speed things up a bit, and get someone to sort out the grammar? Please? While I didn't pay for this game as it was available for free at the time of me writing this review, I'd have wanted my money back by now had this not been the case.
Roger Roger review Roger Roger
Awesome game but it keeps crashing on me every 2 minutes and that keeps me from playing the game is there anything I can do to fix this?
The Lost Princess. x review The Lost Princess. x
I like this game would be great if we could get diamonds and coins without buying or waiting a while. Same with levelling up i get jobs for higher levels but can't do them until I have the credit or the work to do them? Text would be great a little bigger too but fun game. Also the quiz pops up and doesn't give me a chance to press anything before it answers and takes a few times to close anything.
Samuel Wiwanda review Samuel Wiwanda
thanks for the game, great concept there.but still few bugs in the shop, i bought some $x-M item while not having that much. and a bit laggy especially at the market part. and need more explanation for the skills, what the effect etc. the daily income outcome need to be more compact i think. when i got like 18 projects its keep playing the sound effect till the next day while the income already done at the early day. overall great game and concept, just need more improvement.
Kucing Hitam review Kucing Hitam
The game is very good in my opinion. Even though there's a few bug here and there. At first, It's quite difficult to earn money. But as time goes, I could adapt to it real quick. For the improvement, I think It will be interesting if you add more variation to the event in the game like maybe add more competition and increase the money limit.
Albino Gorilla review Albino Gorilla
Great idea, needs more work done. The lack of actual things to invest thing is very bad. I also feel that there are far too many expenses and they only increase as you make level up. Thus you're never making great deals of money due to the huge amounts of money you spend on literally nothing.
Lackluster Lady review Lackluster Lady
A cute game, but I'm glad I got it free considering some of the bugs. Some buttons don't seem very responsive(market buttons) and sometimes there's some lag when finishing projects, which gets very frustrating when I have more than 10 emails piled up. Spelling/grammar errors make some things a little difficult to understand.
Chloe Cooper review Chloe Cooper
So I grit and bare with all the bugs, lag and spelling mistakes, died trying to rush out a project, for it to also reset the levels? Its just effort to wait for emails to even do anything or waiting to level before doing anything
Weegie Oppa review Weegie Oppa
Spam emails are pointless and annoying. You lose everything and have to start from zero if your character dies unless you pay money. Back to rank 1 after spending 1 hour on this. Very disappointed. The rest of the game is good
John Doe review John Doe
Soooo slow. You click an email, then wait 3 minutes for a progress bar to finish. It's slightly less boring than watching paint dry, but it does offer you a chance to open your wallet right away and make it take slightly less time... For those people who would happily watch paint dry for a few hours but consider an entire afternoon just too long.
James Wiltfong review James Wiltfong
No wonder this game is free. Putting this out and thinking you have made a good game is sadly mistaken. Kudos for making a game..i Can't imagine it is easy. However..this game has zero reason to play. For example..going out into the city..horrible high prices or high level requirements to enter. No entry level one for us to either level up a few times first. This game is waiting and waiting and waiting. A snooze fest with zero reason to want to play longer than 60 seconds.
Prince review Prince
This is a really fun game! It's kind of slow paced, but not horribly so. It gives you enough sudden breakthroughs to counteract the slowness. It's got a really nice soundtrack and it's just oddly calming. The grammar is a little weird but it's kind of charming. Overall great game I really like it.